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Auction Closed.


Suikoden 1 and 2 is the hottest shit. If I didn’t have double copies of both, I’d buy that shit. 1-5 is a really hot deal for that price.

Good luck selling. Very interested to see your other upcoming auctions now.


Auction Closed.


Auction Closed.


great games on here.


Updated Again.


You sold SAGA! (Favorite game of all time) Whats wrong with you! I’d sell my house first. hahah

Great collection dude, sad to see it parted.


Auction Closed.


Man I want Rayearth :(, but need it to be a quite a bit lower, your price wasn’t bad though, hope someone picks it up!

RIP Sony Trinitron, I hence sold mine, I use DLP now. Still has the best image quality imo.

Personally, I kept a small Samsung GX TV, hooked up to a source Amplifer, so it goes to my DLP, and the SD TV. If it looks too Shitty, then I just play it on my GX, I can’t part my older games, they are better than most of the stuff now imo, heh.


Auction Closed.


gimme them lunar posters i dont need the games lol

seriously though…


Auction Closed.


If Rayearth doesn’t sell, would you do it for $30 shipped (Shipping 4.80)? Sorry broke, all I got :frowning:

and Jeez dude what a W#%@#%^ fu$#^#$^ collection


To bad, it sold, oh well, more $$ for ya at least :slight_smile:


Auction Closed.


Its alright, like you remember when I first logged here, I am envious but in a good way of your collection. Being a collector myself, I can see the amount of time you spent and built up your collection, seeing the attention to detail, the classics, the rare gems, and the fact most are first print, your exactly like I am, so I am really really sad seeing such a collection go, man if you have any pictures when it was in full force, I would love to it. Guess that what makes me come back to this thread so much, its like I must SAVE the collection lol, must not part it! To bad I just can’t buy all of it, lol Heh. And yea Rayearth was one of the ones I didn’t get in the Saturn.

Rayearth Dragon Force, Guardian Heros, Albert Oddyssey, Burning Rangers, Christmas Nights, and the Virtua On Sticks, and Virtua Cop Guns, are my regrets of not owning on a Saturn. So essentially you had it all heh! Although you’d have to kill me to take away my Panzer Dragoon Saga, heheh.

Heres my collection, its pales in comparison, but hopefully one day. You obviously know what to look for, so anything I don’t have, I probably want hahaha


Auction Closed.


Bump for Vandal Hearts and the good old Saturn!


Yea its funny, because only last week did I finally beat Saturn Bomberman, good times.

Pm’ed back Macinnsot ;),

One day we should all take out SegaLink’s lol


Money Sent, if I get anything from selling my joystick surplus, Ill be back :wink:

ps. Thanks for practically a late Christmas gift, its actually better than Christmas, heh!

pss. My birthday is in April your early ;), guy who uses Sumomo as an avatar, just had to made of win :wink: