Audio at Evo (headphones, speakers, etc...)

On the video side, Evo will be using the same monitors as last year: ASUS VH236H, and crts for non-HD games.

What would you like to see done on the audio side? Would you like to bring headphones? Would you rather have louder speakers? Post your thoughts.

speakers or option for BYO headphones… sharing headphones with hundreds of diff people seems a bit off to me imo

My proposed solution -

Evo Group invest in these: Logitech S120 2.0 Multimedia Speakers. They are light, cheap, and they have an headphones audio out port on the side so if people want to use headphones, they can. Also as a nice little bonus, they are small enough to fit in the actual VH236H box.

Some things to consider when suggesting speakers:

  • Are the speakers powerful enough to be heard above crowd noise without affecting sound quality?
  • Are there any units that will stay on when the headphone jack is used?

Of course you can get around it, but the simplest setup would be a amplified speaker that stays on when the headphone jack is used. I don’t know if that speaker set exists at a reasonable cost, or if anyone even wants a better speaker setup or headphone access. We were discussing the issue in irc and thought it would make a good SRK Thread. So here it is.

hire a real live sound person
Im an audio engineer BTW
and at EVO I quickly noticed how the audio wasnt organized properly
I understand that EVO has bigger priorities than audio (and players too)
but rather than choosing the type of equipment
I can assure you that you can get away with the equipment you already have if its positioned properly

one of the things I noticed for example at evo 08
was that the speakers had different volume levels
I didnt have anything to messure the Sound pressure level at the moment
but I could easily tell the audio was inconsistent in different areas
Im guessing soundcheck (if there was any) was done very quick

audio for an event like this takes at least a 2-3 hour setup just for audio

Just my 2 cents
I know evo isnt a concert, but if you’re planning to invest more in audio this year
go for a live sound person before equipment.

hope this helps

off topic. i want 30 second player song intros for the grand finals of each game. just have a list of songs or something for top 8 to pick from, and if they make it to grand finals, they get an intro. epic! lol

People didn’t have much problem hearing the game from CRT TV’s in the past at Evo. The main problem is that Evo monitors at the highest volume output at a level that would be drowned out by a baby whimpering. Just throw some cheap speakers on and turn them sun bicches up. Problem solved.

I’ve always wondered about wearing headphones plugged into the game while playing at EVO. It’d be my personal playing preference to be able to use headphones as long as everyone else can hear the audio too. If you can pull it off this year, it’d be amazing and I get the feeling I’d play at my best (using my own headphones, of course).

You can just get an audio splitter, and leave one side of the splitter open for headphones/earphones/personal speakers/etc.

Wow, never noticed that sound is drowned out by anything. But think of the money if they put qulaity speakers per station. Even with wholesale.

Actually, you can’t. Evo uses HDMI cables for the PS3s, since that Asus monitor doesn’t have Component In. That means audio is passing through the HDMI cable; you can’t split that to headphones without some very expensive equipment.

PS3 has the option of outputting audio via Stereo RCAs instead, but if you do that, the monitor loses sound. So, there’s no way you can do headphones unless there is also a pair of external computer speakers.

You also can’t use Bluetooth headphones, because the PS3 can only pass voice chat through Bluetooth, not in-game audio.

I actually looked into this for the last Evo (like most people, I need sound to play seriously) but due to the above, there wasn’t a viable solution. I hope that they do something about it this year by getting some cheap external speakers, which would also allow players to use headphones.

Actually being able to hear the game is a must. Every major I’ve been to had the issue of playing against the crowd noise. To compensate for this, I noticed a lot of players reacting to the sounds of the buttons rather than the actual game. It’s just not an accurate representation of how people play.

I for one would like to have the option to use headphones. I’m not sure how feasible it would be to set up however…

Yeah just throw some 19.99 Logitech speakers on each of the stations and you get better sound than you got out of the CRT TV’s at past Evos.

Yea just connect some fairly cheap but good PC speakers up the the monitors and crank up the sounds. That would work perfectly.

All I ask is that if the headphone route is taken that they aren’t the only way you get sound, no way could I get used to wearing a head set with a stick in lap.

So what’s the status on this? Should I look forward to bringing my headphones to EVO?

I really support these speakers. Audio at 100 on the ASUS monitors are great at home, but horrible at EVO last year. There are certain things sound helps with in SF4, like playing against Fuerte. These speakers are way cheap above.

Also, finding speakers that are still on even when headphone jack is connected are like non existent.


Bumping this in support of the bringing your own headphones option. I’ve got a set of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro’s that I’ll be packing along if I end up with the chance to use them. would be pefect for drowning out some crowd noise so I could concentrate a bit more on the action. Isn’t there some sort of audio out on these monitors/tvs? Just throw a cheap splitter on, and split one end of it again. Kind of like this:

Then crowd/players without headphones get audio through the speakers while both players have the option of headphones as well through the remaining two jacks. A 3.5mm splitter is only like $2 or $3, and probably much cheaper if you order multiple ones. so it wouldn’t be much to cover everything on those if they decided to buy speakers for the monitors/tvs. Of course, this is the first time I’ve ever been to evo So I wouldn’t even know if they have 3.5mm audio outs. If there arent, then there’s still the option of RCA to 3.5mm converters if they have audio out via RCA jacks.

with the asus monitor being a computer lcd monitor it should at least have a stereo mini 3.5mm jack in back. So why can’t you output the audio via RCA and then get a converter for RCA to stereo mini 3.5mm? split that and then one goes to the monitor and the other goes to the headsets?

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