Audio ripping and mixing help!

So first off, does anyone on SRK have the ability to take vocals from a master track and rip them and then add them to another audio track? If so, would anyone be interested in either helping me understand what is needed to do this or do it for me because I’m a lazy bastard.

Thanks to anyone with any information at all.


It can’t really be done unless you have a multi-track of the original. You can ‘make’ a vocal to a degree if you have the instrumental but it won’t be great quality.

What you do is you take original track with the audio and then line it up exactly with the instrumental version in something like audacity or adobe audition. You then ‘invert’ the instrumental so that in essence it ‘cancels out’ the instrumental on the original, thus leaving the only the vocals in theory. But of course with vocals sometimes matching the same frequencies as the instrumental it isn’t a perfect solution. Also the tracks have to be EXACTLY lined up. Zoom in as far as you can and line it up.

You’ll probably come out with vocals in which you can very very faintly still hear the instrumental in the background. With some minor EQing you can reduce that effect but that’s the best you can hope for pretty much. Some newer applications have functions to automatically do this all but it’s far from a perfect solution as I said.

Hope that helps.

Thanks man! I’ll try and mess with it and hope I get something that will work.