[Aug 1, 2012] STL BarWarz Presents: THE WEAPON X SUMMIT (St. Louis, MO)



So hows YOUR summer vacation going? Ours? Kinda crazy. See, it looks like the record heat has gotten to some of our players and like anyone else thats soaked up a extrodinary St. Louis summer, its left some of them a little… frazzled? Ornery?


We here at BarWarz have the perfect therapy session in mind! Come join us on a special Wednesday night event as we present a fight card packed with passion, bravado, and of course, HYPE. this one time only event will have money matches, grudge matches…, even matches for ones VERY SOUL. On top of that, we will also be conducting a UMVC 3 round robin for those interested AND the Jackie Chan Super 8 has decided they want in with this insanity as well.

We always like to say you dont wanna miss this event or that, but if you DONT catch this one, you may wanna check in your fightstick and get a new hobby.

Since this is a special night, we have a special itinerary (courtesey of MMC’s VoraciousWays) that you’ll wanna pay attention to:

***** THE UNDERCARD *****

The Rubber Match. #AKADaRunBack
Terrance “MMC BlackKen” Hope vs. Chris “Psych0Shot” Lent (UMVC 3)

The Battle of the SOULS - RE:"I Want Your Money, I Want Your Soul"
Jason “Beezibop” Lim vs. James “WiteBuddha” Glasgow (UMVC 3)

The Marlborough Men Clique Membership Match #DATMMC - (SSFIV:AE2012)

Custom Cutterz | John “Johnny Customs” Cole


MMC | Chris “VoraciousWays” Muether






This is STL BarWarz, and THIS is how WE do Summer Vacation.

See you Wednesday.

  • MMC Baztastic

*** Schedule ***

6:00pm – Doors
6:30pm – Early sign-ups for UMVC3 Round Robin.
7:00pm – UMVC3 Round Robin matches Begin.
7:45pm - Last RR Matches called before intermission.
8:00pm – Undercard Challenge Matches. Round Robin breaks for intermission.
8:45pm – ReX0r vs. Big Mike UMVC3 FT10 $100 MM.
9:00-9:15pm – Round Robin matches resumed and continued until conclusion. Anyone wishing to play in the RR must be entered by this point. Brackets locked.
10:00pm – Jackie Chan in FISTS of FIRE Super 8 Tournament. ($5, Double Elimination 80/20 Pot Split)

UMVC3 Round Robin Tournament Rules/Info:

  • $5 Entry Fee
  • The winnings will be split 70/20/10. This will be determined by the number of wins a player scores. In the event of a tie, the player who won the match against the player who they are tied with takes it.
  • Tournament begins at 7pm. We will get as many matches in as possible before 8pm when our featured challenge matches begin. The number of matches we can run depends on how many participants show up early.
  • All players must be in attendance no latter than 9pm. (Or as soon as the ReX0r/Big Mike MM concludes). If you are not at the Barcade when we resume matches you will not be entered in the tournament.
  • All matches best 3/5 games.


If you want to waive the $5 venue fee and help out STLBarWarz please register to reserve a station for your setup. Set-ups must include both a console and a screen. During tournaments STLBarWarz reserves the right to ask you to set your station to a particular game, however you may otherwise play whatever you’d like at your set-up. We may also be preferential to those who bring ASUS or other low-lag monitors vs. monitors which have noticeable lag. If you reserve a station in advance you have until the first tournament starts to get it set up or your space may be used by someone else.

For those who bring a set-up without a reservation you will be allowed to set-up on a first come first serve basis until all the spots are filled. We will also waive your venue fee. (Note: If you and a friend come up and one brings a console and the other a screen, only one person can claim that setup… the other must still pay).

As always, STL BarWarz is proudly brought to you with support from our sponsors:

Slackers CDs & Games [www.slackers.com]
Project GiantSword [www.projectgiantsword.com]
LogicFighter [www.LogicFighter.com]
4 Hands Brewery [www.4handsbrewery.com],
Medwahks, dohka, & accessories [www.Medwahk.com]
& The Hawk Alliance.



Please be sure to get to Danno’s early as we plan to get this started from the word GO. We look forward to all comers and stream monsters! GET HYPE!