[Aug 1-3] The Salt Mines - Calgary, AB


Smash Logic presents the next regional gaming event in Calgary. Partnered with many groups within Calgary we’re bringing tons of events to the table!


Why The Salt Mines? Well, we’ve run many “Salt Flats” events now, and we decided we wanted to keep that name for the annual spring break event. For that reason The Salt Mines, will be an annual fall event. Neat huh?

===Main Events==

Included main events are
Super Smash Brothers For WiiU, Melee, Project M. Smash 64
BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Guilty Gear Xrd, Mortal Kombat X
Pokemon ORAS
Divekick, Mario Kart 8 and a MYSTERY tournament!

All Anime Fighters to be played on PS3
Street Fighter to be played on Xbox

Mystery tournament game(s) will not be revealed until the event begins.

All events are double elimination brackets (Mystery Event/Mario Kart 8 May follow another style of bracket)

Please remember to bring your own Controller, we cannot promise you that we will have any available for you

We are open to side events if people would like to run them, however all options must be approved by us.

Spectating is free

Venue fee to enter the events is $10,

$10 events
SSBM, Smash 4, Project M,
GGXrd, BlazBlue, Street Fighter,
Pokemon, Divekick

$5 events
Mario Kart, Mystery, Smash 64,

*Smash 4 3v3 is $15 per team

all money collected for each event will go DIRECTLY to the pot for the top placing players.

The venue for this event is the Killarney-Glengarry Community Association situated at 2828-28th Street SW, Calgary Alberta.


*The schedule may fluctuate based on numbers of players, we heavily suggest showing up during registration hours, however we will allow entrants into each event up to 30 minutes before that event. (Please be early to ensure you have a spot, we cannot guarantee anything to people who miss registration, some events may hit entrant limits)

All rulesets to be determined.

All Traditional Fighters will follow EVO 2014-15 rulesets
Mario Kart is Elimination Grand Prix’


This is ALL AGES event, and therefore we will not tolerate offensive action, or substance abuse. Any person thought to be abusing this may be kicked out of the event at the discretion of the hosts. (Due to the nature of tournaments however, we advise parents and kids to understand that swearing is a very common reaction in situations of stress, and ask that you bear with this)

All Brackets are run as double elimination so you have two chances before you are out.

ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY - It is both necessary and very important to remain available for your matches. As we are running many events and a tight schedule we will require players to act accordingly. If your name is called for a match and you do not show within the allotted time period 10 mins we may have to disqualify you, resulting in a forfeit of that round.

In order to remain true to the punctuality rule, please attempt to inform the bracket operators if you must leave for any reason, and we will try to accommodate (food, emergency etc) as best as we can. We will also be scheduling in a specific break period so that people aren’t forced within the venue the entire duration of the event.

Please try to keep the venue clean and respect others, these are just common manners.

Payouts will be either top 3 or top 8 dependent on number of entries

===Stream Info===
Main Stream(mostly smash, as well as finals):

Secondary streams:

(given our internet tests, it’s likely we will only have one stream running, so follow the main stream, the rest will be recorded if they are not operating)