[Aug 11, 2011] AE Tournament*James Games* Upland,CA *Inland Empire's Arcade* (Upland, CA)


Entry Fee is $7
Late Entry is $10 (after 6:30pm)


  • One Game is two out of three rounds
  • One Match is two out of three games (Grand Finals are three out of five games)
  • Pausing the game/round at any time results in an immediate loss of a Game for the offending player
  • Hardware macros, rapid-fire/turbo or other hardware assisted mechanisms are forbidden and will result in an immediate disqualification
    -Rules can change at any time please look to facebook for updates.


There is NO XBOX360 in this tournament. We only have PS3s so please bring your own joystick or pad, none will be provided for you. Please do no expect to borrow from others. If you have any questions please DO NOT CALL the arcade! Please text arcademaid @ 909.718.9810.