[Aug 11, 2012] PowerUp Saturday (East Windsor, NJ)


[LEFT]Hey guys this is Mezza from New Jersey! My team team CCI and GetSalty will be hosting an event for august! Mainly persona 4 arena but also marvel will be on the side. Come out and support us![/LEFT]


[LEFT]Event: PowerUp Saturdays[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Hosted By: Team CCi x GetSalty[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Date = August 11th, 2012[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Time = Sign ups & Casuals start at 12pm. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sign ups end 2pm Sharp. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]3pm (marvel will start)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4pm (Persona 4 Arena will start)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Address = 72 Princeton Hightstown Rd, East Windsor, NJ 08520[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Games = Persona 4 Arena (Fighting game) & Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Pay out = Gamestop Gift Cards ( 70/20/10 )[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Entry = 5$ To enter one game. 10$ To enter two games. Spectators FREE!!![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Console: Persona 4 Arena (ps3) Marvel (xbox360 or ps3 TBA)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Bring your own fight stick or pad.(I will provide 2 fight sticks but pads may be different)[/LEFT]
[LEFT](Persona 4 Arena) Sets: 2/3 Double elimination | winners finals and losers finals.(3/5)[/LEFT]
LEFT Sets: 3/5 Double elimination | winners finals and losers finals.(3/5)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Upon entry you and or donation, will put you into a raffle to win some kickass headphones. So bring some money out and support us and donate to us and win a cool prize or two.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]We are still figuring out streaming ability. Worst case scenario we just gather all the video footage and put it up on youtube. So Stream is a (TBA) but come out and still support us. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]If you have any questions just ask me or email me at [www.mezagodyah@ccistation.net[/email]’]www.mezagodyah@ccistation.net]('http://[email) . Thank you and hope to see you guys there.[/LEFT]


Wait what!?

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Yes we are still going through with this. So all the support would be nice! We got some nice raffles going to be there and a really nice set of medals for the tournament! So come out and support us!


Count me in for Marvel


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I’m definitely coming to this, but is there a venue fee?

I’m also bringing a friend who has never entered an offline tourney before and he’s pumped about P4A!

Which brings me to another question: will these be hosted on some sort of basis? If you did it would be sexy.


Good to hear you guys are coming! Also There is no venue fee only a entry tournament fee. So 5$ for P4A & 5$ For Umvc3 (All together 10$)

What do you mean by some sort of basis? Just so I can answer clearly.


What I mean is: Will these be held weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc?


Depending how well this turns out we might be shooting for maybe Biweekly or Monthly. But its still up for debate. Just have to see if people are willing to come out often. Even if its just casuals. I have talked with the game stop about it and they do not mind if we do weeklys or most likely biweeklys. My biggest thing is staying consistent and having the people show up. If that is possible then I will consider it. I am also looking at another spot close by that might be suitable for monthly big grand prize tournaments. Then use gamestop as casuals and small tourney entries.


That would be great! You can guarantee my attendance to most of these if you do decide to do monthlies.

Also about your streaming dilemma, I’m afraid I can’t do much except offer to bring my happauge hd pvr with me. So you guys would need headsets, microphones, and most importantly, a computer with at least one monitor. Or if you want, I can simply record matches and send them to you for uploading. Or if you would be so kind as to let me upload them to my channel? :smiley:


Another question.
How many 360 to PS3 converters do you have available?


Cool umm we currently have a streamer so its no biggie its just about finding internet in the area. We can also record which isnt a problem. Thanks for the offer garbage store i appreciate it. Ill keep you posted if need anything. Also we should have two converters and as long as everyone brings controllers or we provide them it should be fine.

Also we will have our 2-3 Headphones raffle and possible also P4A Raffle for the highest donation or raffle we will see. Also we have a lot of people coming out. So please do bring your friends family and whoever. We are trying to push the jersey scene a bit more!


Ok, thanks for letting me know. My friend is having difficulties trying to request off from work because another employee requested off at the same time.
So I may be coming alone, unfortunately :frowning:

I was wondering about the converters because I would like to use my TE for the 360, but I also have an SE for the PS3, so I won’t need one anymore.


Yeah, I’ll be coming alone :confused:

If possible, would I be able to record and upload my own tourney matches to YouTube? With my opponent’s permission of course.

Also, what’s the parking situation looking like?


Do the consoles have Jill available? I can bring a setup if you need. I have an asus monitor and 360/ps3.


@Garbage Store There will be two converters. Also yes I do not mind you recording matches and uploading them if you would like. Plus parking well there is no restrictions in our parking lot. So you are welcome to stay there as long as you like. Sorry your friend cant come. Really was looking forward to the most people being there possible.

@zer013 - we should have jill available considering i do have shuma and jill on my old console. So ill see if i can recover it if not ill just see if they can let me download it or something somewhere close by. But that i will handle either tomorrow or saturday day of so that people who use other characters can do as they please.


Okay cool. I can bring my ps3 or xbox also that has jill and shuma on them. Only thing with the xbox is you need to be on xbox live to get the downloaded material. Let me know if I should bring a setup or not. I also have some folding chairs.


Thanks Mezza, I’m sorry I asked so many questions :confused:


zer013 - Yes you can do that just in case. If not im sorry in advance. Totally bring chairs the more the better.

Garbage store - np anytime. No biggie on the questions its good cause some times it helps me more.

Thanks everyone for the support. Lets not worry about winning or the hardwork. Come out to just have a great time.!


Despite losing both of my matches, I definitely learned a lot by attending! Good games to everybody I played against yesterday!

Also, results?


Umvc3 -

1st. Jrosa (Morrigan,Doom,Strider)
2nd. GS Chantastic (spencer,wesker,taskmaster)
3rd. Maxout (Frank West,Ryu,Skrull)

P4U -

1st. Lordknight (Mitsuru)
2nd.CCI Mezza (Labrys)
3rd. Maxout (Yosuke)