[Aug 12, 2011] [August 12th] Play N Trade SSFIV AE Tournament - Yonkers, NY (Yonkers, NY)



Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Entry Fee - $10
Prize - Store Gift Card
Where - Yonkers, NY - 1950 Central Park Avenue
When - August 12th @ 7:00 p.m.

With Shoryuken.com as one of, if not the, best fighting game forums out there, I figure that this would be an appropriate place to advertise our upcoming SSFIV AE Tournament that’s taking place in our store, Play N Trade. We welcome all challengers to sign up, and we’re looking to do a lot more in the future. We just finished up a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament, and someone suggested Shoryuken.com to me.

Our store, Play N Trade, has been running tournaments for a decent while in our area but it’s not as successful as I would like it to be. The unfortunate side of it is that the higher ups of the business do not run enough events, so we try to do it ourselves. The prize may not be much, and it’s undetermined because we get a regular group of about 25 people. Normally, the gift card would be about $100, depending on the amount of people. The more people, the more worth of the gift card itself.

I hope that with this great community, people can help spread the word and we can get a great turnout. And if all goes well, we can eventually give even better prizes (cash prizes, video games, etc).

Any input would be greatly appreciated. And I thank you for the opportunity to let me showcase what we have to offer.