[Aug 12, 2011] Tokyo in Tulsa: Oklahoma's Biggest Anime Convention (Tulsa, OK)

Tokyo In Tulsa is Oklahoma’s largest convention centered around Japanese Anime and Culture. We also highlight gaming (console, CCG and RPG/Tabletop), web comics, writers, and popular culture. Gamers, Concert fans and Anime Fans everywhere and of every persuasion will find something to do and be excited about! Tokyo In Tulsa is about coming together, having fun and celebrating our common interests. Website - http://www.tokyointulsa.com

LOCATION/VENUE - Tulsa Convention Center:
Tokyo In Tulsa will be held at the Tulsa Convention Center with select events in the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Tulsa. The convention center is located at 100 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK 74103.

You can find the map and driving direction to the Convention Center here.

If you’ve heard the rumors – you might just know that the 2011 Tokyo in Tulsa Game Room will be the BEST Game Room Oklahoma has seen in years, if not THE BEST GAME ROOM EVER SEEN IN OK!
Working with the NVGA / Vibras Game-Con as an official SuperCon event and local sponsors such as OKC’s HxC Lan Center – we’ll be presenting our game room at the Convention Center packed with:

[li]50+ LCD Screens[/li][li]
30+ Xbox 360′s[/li][li]
10+ Wii’s[/li][li]
15+ PS3′s[/li][li]
20 VIBRAS headsets[/li][li]
6 to 10 Arcade Sticks[/li][li]
30+ Copies of Halo Reach[/li][li]

Not to mention at least 5 copies of Marvel vs Capcom 3 (ps3), 4 Call of Duty Black OPS, at least 3 copies of SSF4(ps3), 3 of BlazBlue (ps3), 2 Mortal Kombat (ps3), 3 Tekken 6 (ps3), Dance Central, Sports Champions, Super Smash Bros BRAWL, Naruto Ninja Storm 2, Mod Racer Nation, Soul Calibur 4, AND MORE!


The SuperCon 2K Series is the place to be for all gamers to explore all the aspects of the gaming industry and beyond. The SuperCon 2K Series travels to multiple locations across the nation, providing a home for gamers to meet other gamers, make new friends, play casual games, learn about the gaming industry’s reach to a variety of genre’s which includes anime; sci-fi and participate in tournament games to win the title of the most proven player in the nation…For more information go to http://supercon2k.com/ .

**TIMES / Event Schedule: **
Go Here - http://tokyointulsa.com/event-schedule/
(Basically - Game room opens at 2pm Friday, and 10am Saturday and Sunday)

VENUE / Event Fees:
Game Room Access - At the door, just gaming? $10 to $15** (See Special below!!)
Entire Event Access - depends on when you purchase it: http://tokyointulsa.com/registration/

Gamer vs pre-reg vs at the door vs wha? Confused - go here.

TOURNAMENTS / Friday Schedule: July 15th
6PM - SC4 (PS3) - entry fee ($5)

TOURNAMENTS / Saturday July 16th
12PM - SSBB 2v2 - entry fee ($5)

1PM - Dance Central (360) -entry fee ($5)

2PM - Super Street Fighter 4 AE (PS3) - entry fee ($5)

3PM - MVC 3 (PS3) - entry fee ($5)

4PM - Mortal Kombat (PS3) - entry fee ($5)

5PM - SSBB 1v1 - entry fee ($5)

7PM - Tekken 6 (PS3) - entry fee ($5)

TOURNAMENTS / Sunday July 17th
1PM - Madden NFL 2k11 (360?) - entry fee ($5)

2PM - BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 (PS3) - entry fee ($5)

***TOURNAMENTS listed are the ones we’ve scheduled so far - due to our BYO policy, this list can and will change.

While the gameroom access is covered in the gamer pass or event membership, if you want to play in a tournament there is a $5 entry fee; it consists of $1 for venue fees and $4 for the pot.

Come from the pot, and various sponsors / TnT / Supercon / etc.

All tournament games will be available for free play throughout the day. We will also have several other games available for play as well such as Dance Central, etc. whatever the other titles gamers want to highlight, BYO, etc.

**Use of own controllers and/or arcade sticks is allowed **but not required to play, though it does help.

All that… And our “byo” policy means between now, and this event planning on the TnT and OKgamers.com forums will be happening – you want YOUR GAME to have a tournament – we’ve got the hardware, we’ve got the time – just comes down to what the gamers want!
OKgamers.com – Oklahoma’s Gamer Resource for Events – will be continuing it’s tradition of running a great game room – so you can count on quality tournaments based on National standard rules, as well as plenty of free play! Working with the NVGA Game Con means this year – FREE PLAY AND TOURNAMENTS AT THE SAME TIME!

…and? One Day Gamer passes are listed as $15 dollars; wear your 5yr Anniversary shirt? 5$ OFF ADMISSION! (Don’t have a shirt? Join us at future OKgamers.com ran events to change that! )
Keep an eye here for changes, etc.

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