[Aug 12, 2012] VF Circuit 360 League Round Robin #2 (Online)


VF Circuit 360 League Round Robin #2 - Sunday, August 12th
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Original Thread on VFDC
VF Circuit Blog

The second Round Robin event will be starting ~ 8 PM (+/- one hour from the stated time based on who registered for the event). The time listed is based on the timezone that you lived in.

For those already signed up for the VF Circuit (gave me their location, email address, etc info) - Please use this thread, PM, or reply to the VF Circuit email if you will be participating in the Sunday August 12th event. A countdown timer for deadline to confirm participation in this event is posted in the Original Thread on VFDC. Nothing is guaranteed for those wanting to participate when deadline ends.

For those that have not signed up for the VF Circuit (gave me their location, email address, etc) please follow the registration directions from the info)VF Circuit Blog


In the First Round Robin :
The Xbox League had 52 players participated in the round robin (8 brackets total). The PS3 League, had 53 players participated in the event. In total, that is 94 of the 172 players registered for the VF Circuit.

100 or more players are registered for each league (360 - 107 ; PS3 - 100)

This is what people should expect for this week on VF Circuit Blog (also will make note of it on VFDC):

  1. The Power Rankings System of the Circuit
  2. Post addressing the feedback received from the first round robins.
  3. Details on small group training session - to those that participated in the Circuit and finished in the bottom third.
  4. Thread to open registration for PS3 Round Robin #2, Sunday, August 19th. (360 Round Robin #2 registration have already started - click here)