[Aug 13, 2011] Atlanta Revival- 6/25/11 Atlanta, Ga. (Atlanta, Ga.)

HELLO EVERYONE! The Impact Crew is bringing you another Atlanta Revival! As usual, we are going to run in an orderly fashion:rock: oh yes, it’s on baby!

Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW
Atlanta, Ga. 30314


Sign-up and Warm-ups at 12-2
Tournament starts promptly at 2:30

SSF4 AE $ 10
MVC3 $ 10
MK9 $10
BBCS $10

All games will be standard format. 2of3 matches throughout the brackets. 3of5 winners finals, 3of5 losers finals, and grand finals will be 3of5 as well pot split for all games is 70/20/10.

Are fees waived for people who bring setups? I’m thinking about bringing one.

Arcana Heart 3 would be nice to have, if you guys don’t mind adding that

yes your door fee will be waived if you bring a full set up meaning tv and ps3. if you bring a system only then it will be half off if your system is used

hope i can make it out to this one

You guys realize you are throwing this tournament the same weekend as MWC/SBO in Nashville and we posted ours like in January? I mean, I understand tournaments overlap and stuff but SBO/MWC weekend?

pokchop good showing in Tekken at CEO!

I won’t have a ride so I won’t be able to make it out to ATL for this one, I’ll try to next month! I hate missing ATL Revivals, they’re too fun.

What happened to Tekken?

thanks! we be glad to have you for the next one

if we have enough people that wants to enter it then it will be brought back

me too sir we make magic together lol “pause”

Hey Ricky, you guys still need me to record/stream? I can bring the stuff if you guys want me to again.

Cool!!! I can finally test the water and see if i’m truly good at SSF4 or its becasue my friends suck at it ???


man I wish I knew about this…we just had our southern kombat tourney today. I can’t make this weekend but I will be there for future tourney’s.


oh so the ps3 version will be used. unfortunately I don’t own a fight stick yet. guess i’ll use pad then.

So the entry is 10 bucks. How much is first second and third for MvC3?
I saw 70/20/10. That can’t be true.

Why can that not be true

Really hype for my first tournament, when do you think the tournament will end?

I just think it’s kinda low. I entered a crappy tournament in Texas where the prize was 500$.
I hope I can make it to this tournament. I also hope it’s nice and big. The one I went to in Texas had like 100 people and the tournament was in a place as small as a garage.