[Aug 13, 2011] Chicago Heart 3 - MvC3, SSFIV, AH3, BBCS2, GGAC, T6, SC2, GNT4 (Chicagoland, IL)

[LEFT]This is the first “Chicago Heart” event, so be sure not to miss out! [/LEFT]
[LEFT]First, the details:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Games: **The following games will be played at this tournament:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition- 360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Arcana Heart 3 - PS3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Blazblue CS2 - PS3/360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Guilty Gear #Accent Core - PS2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tekken 6 - PS3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Soul Calibur 2 - PS2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 - Gamecube[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Mystery Tournament - Various[/LEFT]
Raffle - Small Basket

Crowne-Plaza Chicago-Northbrooke
2875 N. Milwaukee Ave
Northbrooke, IL 60062
(847) 693 - 6909

$15 for all day
If you bring a TV, then the venue fee will be $10
If you bring a System + one of the tourney games featured, the venue fee will be $10*
If you bring a TV and a system + one of the tourney games featured, the venue fee will be $5
You can also bring a megaphone and get an additional $5 off the venue fee! So if you bring a TV, a system, and a working megaphone, you can get in for free!

[LEFT]*Obviously, since only Soul Calibur 2 and GGAC are on PS2, only the first 4-5 people bringing a PS2 will get the $5 off. Similarly, only the first 3 people brining a gamecube plus a copy of Naruto GNT:4 will get $5 off. 360s and PS3s plus MvC3/SSFIV/BBCS2/AH3/Tekken6 will get $5 off no matter what, even if I have an excess of them. In addition, if you bring a system but use it for a game not featured in the tournament (like mortal kombat 9 for casuals), then you will NOT get the $5 off. Also, if you bring a TV and a system with one of the games, you will get the $10 off automatically.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Tournament prices:[/LEFT]
$10 - SSFIV AE, MvC3, AH3, BBCS2, GGAC,T6, Naruto GNT4
$5 - Soul Calibur 2, Mystery tournament

Payout will be 70/20/10 for all the non SFIV/MvC3 tournaments. The payout for those two will be up to the person running the tournament (which in this case is Humbag).

[LEFT]**Schedule **[/LEFT]
11:00AM - SSFIV AE, MvC3
12:00PM - AH3, GG#AC, Naruto:GNT4
3:00PM - T6, Mystery Tournament
4:00PM - Soul Calibur 2, BBCS2
8:00PM - Raffle

As far as side tourneys are concerned, I’ll allow them AFTER the main tournaments are finished. So if the person running SSFIV AE wants to run a team tournament, that’s fine as long as it’s near the end of the singles tournament. We only have the venue until midnight, meaning at 11:00, it’s time to stop and start to clean up. However, if everyone brings all their games and tries to throw side tourneys, there might not be enough time, space, or setups. We have 1 day to run 9 tournaments, and I want to give people plenty of time to play casuals as well.

Speaking of side tourneys:
[Aug 13, 2011] Chicago Heart 3 - MvC3, SSFIV, AH3, BBCS2, GGAC, T6, SC2, GNT4 (Chicagoland, IL) - MK9 side tourney

Tournament Rules/Format:
Depending on the game depends on the format, obviously.
2D games will be 2/3 rounds. 3D games will be 3/5 rounds.
Games will be 2/3 matches, and losers/winners/grand finals will be 3/5 matches. It is up to the tournament organizer if they want to change this, however. In some cases, losers finals and winners finals may remain 2/3, and grand finals may change to 4/7, for example. The most important thing is to let both players know how many matches they must win to win the set. If it’s not been decided beforehand, then it’s 2/3 except for winners/losers/grand finals, in which it’s 3/5.

Depending on the game also depends on the rules, but for the most part, these games will follow Evo rules. No unlimited characters in BB, etc. If there are any questions about specific game rules, please ask.

Just like at Jan 2010 Frosty Faustings, there will be another raffle. Many items will be given away for free! It requires you to write your name down on a sheet of paper, and then toss it in a basket or bag or something! Many people enjoyed the items they recieved at the last raffle, and because of the positive reaction, I am looking forward to doing it again, FREE OF CHARGE! you just have to have paid the venue fee!

I know this is 2 weeks after Evo, but I think that it would be a waste if people practiced for Evo and then there weren’t any events after that! Let’s get a big turnout everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here!

Venue rules:
(This is actually important)
-No loitering in the hallways. This is the main rule. We’re gonna have a big venue room, and the hotel staff is nice enough to toss in a smaller ballroom with 20 seats or so in it for people to hang out in. They say that there will also be an outdoor patio nearby with chairs and tables that seats 50 people or so. So even if you’re not in the main ballroom, there’s a couple places you can hang out, as long as it’s NOT the hallways. This is the main important thing, and the staff WILL get on our case about it. Worst case scenario is that if people keep loitering, they’re going to shut the event down, so please let’s avoid this from happening and use the space provided!
-Don’t bring your own food. There’s vending machines, a hotel gift shop, and a hotel restaurant. You can bring food from any of those three places into the ballroom, but aside from that, you can’t bring your own food. It’s hotel policy, and I apologize for that, but again, hotel rules. I would suggest eating breakfast beforehand or something. The staff will come in and check every once in a while, so if they see you eating, you’re going to have to give them your food to throw away or go outside to eat. You can also eat in your own hotel room, obviously.

[LEFT]Shoutouts to Kobayashi for setting up the venue![/LEFT]


totally going unless something comes up suddenly

I’ll see who I can rally from OK / OKgamers to show up…


Please do! I guarantee this will be a fun event for all!

HYPE HYPE HYPE. Chicago is in there.

I’m not missing this.


Doing everything I can to make sure I make it to this, SUPPORT THE SCENE!!! err… rather, SUPPORT THE HEART!

lookin forward to this. i thought it was gonna be at nickel city but the venue for mwc/ufgt is better!!!

goooood shit!

Oh my God.

There was some confusion, but SSFIV will be AE, of course. The first post has been edited to reflect this.

seriously not having MK9 as a main game is a mistake especially when you have a bunch of games no one plays in chicago

I fail to see how it’s a “mistake”, but thank you for your opinion!

I’m in looks good. I’m glad your running mvc3 and ssf4 on 360.

BBCS2 for PS3 makes me sad, but I can deal.

Also, if you are having problems trying to figure out what system Tekken 6 should be on, I would recommend PS3, since I assume most Tekken players use PS3 due to Tekken previously being a PS exclusive. At least that’s what most Tekken players in Michigan told me.

BBCS2 can be on 360, too. I don’t really care either way.

not supporting a game that actually has a good scene in Chicago is a mistake. ufgt7 had 88 people sign up for MK9 while the turnout for Tekken/BBCS2/AH3 was pitiful, yet the MK community gets no support from you.

Plz reconsider mk9.