[Aug 13, 2011] Chicago Heart 3 - MvC3, SSFIV, AH3, BBCS2, GGAC, T6, SC2, GNT4 (Chicagoland, IL)

my ride and i might get there a little bit before noon… do you think the tournaments (sf4 and mvc3) might be delayed at all?

i’ll also be bringing a bootleg copy of the live action tekken movie to donate for the raffle

Guess ill piece out my anime vhses or something lololol.

Remember all u gotta do to ne eligable for the raffle is to have paid the venue fee but you can save a good chunk of money by bringing equipment… and no that doesn’t come out of the top three placers pockets…

Tekken wont be til after noon.

I think solus needs a ride

Is there another way to get to the tournament by taking the CTA? I never been on a metra train before.

Galloping Ghost Arcade gathering/casual/money matches tonight if anyone from out of town is here already!!! Its only $5 to get in and play all night till 2:00AM(Game Rooms Only,Arcade Floor will be more if you want to play there). It is one of your best places to play at if not the best!


I’m bringing my dreamcast and rivalschools project justice.If anyone has extra titles to play plz do so.I’m also bringing CVS/CVS2 KOFMI2,Bloody Roar1-4,SSF4.Going with Havik.

Well, the closest you can get on the metra is cumberland, from there you can meet up with some people or use a taxi.

Rob: could you PM me your number?

Everyone else: see you all tomorrow bright and early.

Remember to look at how I am running the tournament so there is little confusion and please PLEASE bring setups if possible! You get money off your venue fee and will be helping us a lot!

Thanks and see yall soon!

Can I post my shame? I started a logo for CH3 a month ago but my lazy ass never got further than the original concept that I came up with in a night. Since it’s too late to finish it in time, I’ll just post what I had.


Hint: Turn your head a bit to the right for a nice surprise.

Maybe if I start on the logo for CH4 now I’ll have it done in time for next year. =P

If he’s gonna play games casually, then yes. If he’s not gonna play any games at all, then no.

No Land - I have no idea on the CTA thing, sorry. The metra shouldnt be too hard to navigate though?

grap3fruitman - I like the Logo! Thanks!

Anyways, see you all there tomorrow! I’ll be there nice and early (probably around 9AMish), so feel free to come by anytime after that and sign up/play casuals and whatnot!

I apologize if this was asked already…
But is there a physical ticket or something to show your proof of payment for the venue fee?
You know, in case people would leave then come back.

I’ll be bringing arcana heart setup my laptop and the games on it.and some sanwa arcade parts if anyone needs some, Also if anyone wants a heavy crt for free they can have it after the event.

Is there going to be supplied HDMI cables? I’m just making sure just so I know whether or not to pack my UAV cables. Also, maaaaaaad hype. I’m gonna need to go to sleep now so I can be decent.

Let’s get hype! I’m about to head out the door.

I’ll bring my laptop with KoFXIII.

edit: Last second change of plans. Can’t make it.

yeah i got it

Very nice tournament. Kinda disappointed that I didn’t last long on the SSF4AE tourney. But it did show me how much I still need to practice =p thanks for the event you guys =D!

I didn’t last long in any game. I’m happy with my performance. I really wanted to fight devil, 16 bit, and slips in MK though. BTW, did I win anything at the raffle? I wasn’t there, but did you have to be there to claim your prize?

Awesome event I got to play games that I like.

^there is a shoutout/results thread

shoutouts to linking said thread.