[Aug 13, 2011] Philly: Game Loft Presents: PUT UP OR SHUT UP! (Philadelphia, PA)




What is it?
Recently I’ve been holding sessions at my loft and I’ve decided to hold our first weekly tournament. Games to be played are SF:AE and MvC3. System currently is the XBOX, but we may switch formats
depending on a few factors.

Every Saturday, 7:00 PM

Current Location:
The Sewing Lofts
720 N 5th St Philadelphia PA

Entry Fee: TBD
Max Occupancy: 20 people (So if you’re down RSVP. If enough people are interested I’ll get a new venue)


I’m having a tournament that Sunday at UP.


Hey man, yeah just saw your announcement of a tourney every Sunday until your big one. I’ll change this up then!


Cool thanks.


i may show up. StaticGorilla


Whens the new date then?


Shooting for Saturday instead. We’ll see how it goes, weekdays tend to be difficult for me.


Whenever I can find a job so I can actually put gas in my car I may start coming for MvC3 … I have been DYING to get better in the game and I only play one person that runs Dante / Wesker / Doom and doesn’t really care enough to play as seriously as I do… :-/

I am however at UP now and then when I have a few dollars.


Yo peoples who may have been planning to come through, hit me back 646.345.9910. Again it’s just a mini tourney setup or if not enough people come through we’ll just throw down for a minute. Not against picking some fools up as likely I’ll be coming up from Delaware with the Biz.