[Aug 13, 2011] "Screenland Showdown" Featuring Team EMP and IFC Yipes! (North Kansas City, MO.)

THIS IS NOW A TWO DAY EVENT. Going into Sunday the 14th if need be. Our featured guests travel plans will not be affected, and we will not not have to be in a huge hurry.

Markis D - (papermarkis) - Kansas City, KS - SSF4AE, MvC3, SSBM

Darius P - (DAPVIP) - Atlanta, GA - MvC3

Eugene( MrMister ) - Leavenworth, KS - ssf4ae, mvc3, T6, MK9

Hey Ant, since this is now a 2 day thing, could you post the preliminary schedule?

damn, maybe i’ll have to show up to this one :slight_smile:

Being a 2-day event now, would anybody around be willing to let me bunk up with them for a night? Definitely don’t want to miss this.

John B. (AxioM) - Kansas City, KS - SSFIV AE, MvC3, T6, team tournament

Let’s GO KC!!!

JSPOT - Fuerte

and tech, rec, stream stuff

Simon - omaha, ne - mvc3 & 3s

Nick S - (GetThere1Time) - Lenexa, KS - SF4 AE, MvC3, teams for both

Masaki O. - (Habu) - Indep, MO - SSF4 AE, MVC3, MK9

Can someone explain to me what this is
-Grand finals of Kansas City’s “Budd Park” FT10 MVC3 tournament?

And for a Event Id like to MM your Best player to a FT5 or FT10

Sean G. - (BoxBroSG) - Overland Park, KS - SF4AE, T6, SF4AE teams

Andre- Budd Park is KC’s FT10, double elimination tournament series. Currently some of the players are running one for MvC3. Think of it as a ghetto Godsgarden.

And unless we end up pulling UFGT-esque numbers, 70/20/10 sounds about right.

Whats buy in? i want in…how many is the max entrants

Budd Park is KC only and doesn’t just take place on one day. It’s a tournament taking place over a month starting this week. We do our matches in person and schedule a match or two to take place at one our weekly hookups. Unless you can fly out from wherever you are for each individual match it would be impossible for you to participate.

DANG that sucks…well ill play the winner FT10 :slight_smile: The winner of that tourny plays me

Ant- Can you fix the date in the title?

I’m trying now, When I created the thread it asked to choose a date to automatically put in the title. Not sure how to get back to that field.