[Aug 13, 2011] "Screenland Showdown" Featuring Team EMP and IFC Yipes! (North Kansas City, MO.)

**The return of “Screenland Showdown” is finally here! **

Venue:** The Screenland Armour Movie Theater **
Location:408 Armour Rd. North Kansas City, MO. 64116
Date:** Saturday, August 13th - Sunday, August 14th**

Start Time: Doors will open for games at 10 AM.
Venue Fee: $10 - $7- $5 (depending on equipment brought)
Price per game: $10 / $5

- Special Event Matches -

-SSF4 AE - 5 VS 5 team captain / gym class style. (may do 8 VS 8 if there is interest)

-Grand finals of Kansas City’s “Budd Park” FT10 MVC3 tournament
*Contact me if there are any other hype matches that need to be mentioned


-Super Street Fighter IV AE (PS3) $10
-Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) $10
-Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3) $5
**-Super Smash Bros. Melee **(GC) $5


-Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion (PS3) $5
-BlazBlue Continuum Shift (PS3) $5

If games are on hand, if there is at least 6-8 people willing to play a tournament and time allows, we can run it.

Arcana Heart 3 (PS3) $5
**Third Strike **$5

-Saturday the 13th - Doors open and setup begins at 10 AM
-Casuals and Registration start at 10 AM (or sooner)
-Tournaments begin no later than 1 PM
-Team tournaments ( MVC3 & AE ) will be run first, as well as the smaller tournaments (Tekken, BlazBlue, MK, 3S, AH3, Smash)
-AE & MVC3 singles will begin once the smaller tournaments begin to finish up, and setups are open
-5v5 Exhibition to close out the night

-Sunday the 14th- Doors open and casuals begin at 10 AM
-Scheduled hype matches and Budd Park grand finals will start around 11
-Tekken, BlazBlue, MK, 3S, AH3, and Smash losers/winners/grand finals will follow on main stage
-Team tournament losers/winners/grand finals will be next
-MVC3 & AE top 8 will be last

*All tournament winners/losers/grand finals will be saved for streaming on Sunday


All tournaments will be 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double elimination unless listed otherwise.
Top 4 in each tournament will switch to 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches.

If you wish to change controls, do so prior to the match during a button check. If you begin the match with the wrong controls, that is too bad. If you pause the match or attempt to restart because your controls were messed up, you forfeit your match.
If you wish to use multi button binds for other games, it will have to be at the affirmation of your opponent.
Default button binds are exempt from this rule
Winner keeps same character, loser may select a new one
All games will be played on random stage select

T6 will be 3/5 rounds, 2/3 Matches.

Blind character selection may be requested if a counter pick is a concern. In this case, one of the staff may be called upon to get the selection of both characters from the competitors.
If you are called for a match, you will have 5 minutes (which is VERY lenient) to get to your station and play. If you fail to get to your station, you will forfeit the match. This is not true in the case of someone playing in another game if they are called to play. This is the only exemption. Making your opponents wait is rude, and it also holds up the progress of our bracket. Be courteous. If you are in a tournament that is on going, then stick around. If you need to go smoke, do it fast, and continue your conversations back in the tournament room.

Regarding PS3 pads Do not turn your pad ON until you have synced it to a system using a USB cord. PLEASE turn OFF your pad following the end of your match. This has been an issue in the past, and this negligence isn’t going to be tolerated. It’s disruptive to the people who come to play after you. Failure to turn off your pad will result in an automatic disqualification which will count as a loss in your tournament record. A second offense will result in your forfeit from the tournament.

Bring your OWN EQUIPMENT In many cases, I see people needing to wait around because either they left their stick/pad at home, or they lent it out to someone else. This is UNACCEPTABLE. If you are going to a tournament, then you should at LEAST have your own equipment. If I have to wait on someone because they lent out their equipment, I will be very unhappy. I’ll bring extra pads, and an extra stick of my own for this at this tournament, but PLEASE bring your own equipment so we can keep things running smoothly.

If you CAN, please bring SETUPS This is more of a request, but depending on what you bring, and what we use, you will be given a discount.

  • A setup (PS3 with Monitor) means you pay nothing $5
  • A PS3 OR Monitor/TV and you pay $7
  • No PS3 or Monitor/TV and you pay the full $10

If people can bring setups (PS3’s, games, MONITORS) then PLEASE do. We had about 9-10 setups last time and this helped get a ton!! I understand the inconvenience of unplugging and hauling Playstations and monitors, but it would help our tournament run more smoothly, and quickly, an allow everyone to play the games that they want to play.

*Similar to the last event we will have some “living room” style casual stations setup with leather couches, coffee tables and big screens. Hopefully this will keep casuals off the tournament setups.

*We will also have AT THE VERY LEAST 2 projector screens for AE and MVC3! This was one of my favorite features of the last event and we are going all out this time around.

*I have yet to confirm if we will be recording main stage matches, but I will do my best to make sure it happens. Also looking into streaming this event.

I would also like to save grand finals for all games until the end of the night, but I’m not sure how everyone else feels about this. I thought it made for a really fun last hour to sit back and have some drinks and watch. Please express your opinion on this in the thread. Also, if there is anything you would like to see happen that is not listed here PLEASE let me know. We are in a unique position to have a very large space and plenty of time.

The venue will have a full bar and food menu. I am taking requests on food items and specialty beers for you beer snobs (Boxy). Just make sure you buy enough to make it worth my effort. There will be NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK, for these to keep going the theater has to make money. And if celebrating your recent victories, or drowning your sorrows over your recent ass-beatings is your pleasure, the bar is open all day and night. I will do my best to get some good drink specials going.

Check out some video from “Screenland Showdown” Round one


**Please pre-register in this format: **
John B - (AxioM) - KC, KS - Games your are playing

Anthony H - (AntKC) - KC, MO - SSF4 AE, MVC3, MK9

Well I Live In Shawnee

Good shit, Ant!

How do we figure out who the players for the AE 5v5 are? And is this a KC vs out of town or KC vs KC, or what is the deal with that??

Couple options, and still open to suggestions.

  1. Draw 2 names out of a hat
  2. Top 2 finishers in AE for the night are captains
  3. Group decides. (Rex/Samson) or whoever we think should definitely not be on the same team.

Team cannot contain 2 of the same characters, and is character locked. The order in which you run your team can be very important. Stole this idea from a Next Level stream last week and it looked like a lot of fun.

what is the closest airport?

I like the idea of a team captain 5v5 at the end of the tournament.

Count me in for AE, MVC3, and 3s if there is enough interest.

Kansas City International

Samson - Warrensburg, MO - SSF4 AE, MVC3, 3S

snipermav - Olathe, KS - SSF4 AE, BBCS2, AH3. Scratch me from any of those tournaments if they start before 4:00.

Drew - Kansas City, KS - SSF4 AE, 3S

Bring me your finest meats and cheeses.

The Empire descends upon your land.

Sup guys. Me and some others names will be attending the tourney!!

Is this only 1 day?

Yes. I don’t think Ant was expecting this kind of company when he first booked the event.

Well ill be there
OmG iTz Andre
Cleveland Ohio
Marvel 3 and AE

How many people are signed up so far? i dont wanna flight out and its a low turnout
Also what is This -Grand finals of Kansas City’s “Budd Park” FT10 MVC3 tournament
and marvel teams? yes please

If we don’t get good numbers, I will be mad for you. I expect everyone in the region (or at least those within reasonable driving distance) who gives a shit about high-level competition to be there.

Whats payouts? 70-20-10?

Roblox Kansas City, KS - SSF4 AE, 3S

Dhoppler Kansas City, KS - SSF4 AE, MvC3