[Aug 17, 2012] Friday Night Fights (Toledo, OH)


Every Friday Beyond Gaming is hosting a stream that showcases some of Toledo’s FGC players. The stream features a small tournament with commentary and promotions, we also give away some prizes. The players playing are a close group of guys that have a lot of fun trolling each other and are all dedicated FG players. Come check us out!


Hey im a player from toledo.is this a private tourment or open.Because if not i would like to meet up with you guys if thats cool.there not that many people in toledo to play.and also do you guys have a facebook i could reach yall on?


Hey Lupas, extremely sorry for such a long delay in the response. Yes, we have a facebook for Beyond Gaming, and also a twitter. If you would like to get ahold of me personally, my twitter is @gwilakers. Thanks!


i need directions


Hey SylvanEd,

We are currently taking a break from FNF due to the launch of the new version of our site. We will most likely be starting FNF back up again in the fall. Thanks!

  • Garrett