[Aug 18, 2012] CANCELLED (Fredericksburg, VA)



FGC Farewell
[LEFT]As some of you are aware, we will be closing our doors on August 31st. We would like to hold one last tournament for the community before we go. That said, this tournament is about YOU, the FGC. The venue fee is a mere $5, and the tournament will be run with all community input kept in mind.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Thursday and Friday, August 16-17th, 2012 will be free play days. Come train for the tournament on our dime.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Saturday, August 18th, 2012 will be the date for the tournaments.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Registration begins at 10am.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Brackets begin at 12pm.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]There is a $15 buy-in ($5/venue, $10/pot).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Events (in order):[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Street Fighter x Tekken 2v2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Street Fighter x Tekken 1v1[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super Street Fighter IV AE v2012[/LEFT]
[LEFT]General Rules:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Double elimination brackets.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3 rounds.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2 out of 3 until Grand Final, which is 3 out of 5.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]BYOC - NO STICK SHARING. If you lend your stick out and your name is called, you forfeit.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]All games are played on Xbox 360. No programmable sticks or use of turbo. TO may test controllers at random. Standard, wired Xbox 360 controllers will be provided for use if you don’t have one.[/LEFT]
Intentional pausing will result in a forfeit of the round.
[LEFT]TVs are set to 720p and test between 10-12ms of input lag.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]GamePad, located in Spotsylvania Towne Centre (Mall) between Wendy’s and LensCrafters. Come in the back entrance that says “Towne Centre.”[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3102 Plank Rd.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Unit # 390[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Fredericksburg, VA 22407[/LEFT]
[LEFT]How to get here:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]From I-95 take exit 130-B West on Rt.3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]At the 3rd traffic light make a left onto Bragg Rd. (Just past the main entrance to the mall)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Follow Bragg Rd. all the way to the “T” and take a right.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Take the first left you can into the parking lot and try to get as close to the “Lens Crafters” entrance as possible (between JC Penny and Macy’s).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Enter mall next to Lens Crafters sign and Gamepad will be the next unit on your right.[/LEFT]

Fredericksburg, VA -- Fight Thread

SfxT should be 1v1 not 2v2, is there anyway you could add it to the venue. It’s not worth the pot and 2v2 only shows cooperative competition. Let’s see how people hold up in singles.


If it’s good enough for Evo, it’s good enough for us. Most of the players still prefer AE anyways.


…and what about the players that prefer SFxT? :confused:


If enough people are willing to sign up for a 1v1 bracket then we will obviously run one. We aren’t going to plan on it, though. A large majority of players prefer AE over SFxT.


You should gear to appeal for all players, not just a narrow field. 2v2 is fine and I understand where you are coming from on the EVO stance but I have already gotten a large review of people WHO ARE looking for 1v1 match ups.


Moved the date of our tournament to the 18th to avoid Guild Wars/Summer Jam conflicts. Added 1v1 at the behest of several community members.


Possible Persona 4 Arena side tourney if there’s enough interest?


I’d definitely be up for a P4 arena tourney!


Event has been cancelled.


I’ll be there guise


Good to know the day before lol…