[Aug 18, 2012] HeartNana Presents: Chicago 4 Ultimate in Midwest Arena (Northbrook, IL)


Needs more Divekick, but I’ll try to be there anyway. I can run whatever need be if you don’t get enough volunteers, too.

Also, if you need to contact me, twitter is @arcanaheartnana, and email is xctalimu at gmail dot com.
I’ll do my best to answer any inquiries.

runback, Heartnana…


How big was this event last year? I’m from Indiana, and a few of my friends want to come up there for this tournament, but we were wondering if you guys would think it would be worth the 3-4 hour drive for the day?

Chicago Heart 3 (the equivalent event held in Summer 2011) had:
64 for AE
34 for vanilla Marvel
35 for MK
Don’t have the GG numbers but I would estimate around 20
10 for T6
18 for MBAA
16 for Mystery Game (run by Orka)
24 for AH3
13 for BBCS2
15 for SC4

Here’s the results/shoutouts thread for Chicago Heart 3: Chicago Heart 3 Results and Shoutouts Thread

Hard to say based on those numbers how big it’ll be this year. I’d expect Marvel and Soul Calibur entrants to go up and MK and AH entrants to go down. Some of these events may not be there this year (e.g. Orka would have to volunteer to run mystery game again), whereas other popular games have been added to the roster (KoF, SG, VF, and soon P4U).

It’s true that the venue for this year is smaller than last year, but that doesn’t necessarily dictate how many people will be in attendance. Frosty Faustings IV was held in the same room in January and it got 79 for AE, 70 for UMvC3, 32 for MK, 31 for KoF, 24 for GG, and 12 for MB. This tournament won’t be that large.

I’d say that due to the short notice of this tournament, if we get 90-100 people to come, I’ll be happy.

Challenge Accepted J-Money.

I pretty much haven’t played MB since last year, but I’ll runback if you want.

H4doken - This will totally be worth coming out for. There will definitely be enough people to make it a really fun event.

Sounds good enough to me xD I’ll be there

I’ll run melty on the side if people want!

I’ll have my setup + every game possible including Persona. Let me know when you decide who’s streaming, I should have the last of my audio stuff in by the end of next week if it’s me, just waiting on one more mic stand and some cables.

Max, I can run UMvC3 and or KOF.

Ok I may be slow. But what is a pot bonus?

Also, I’ll bring a PS3. I’ll just need to be reimbursed if someone breaks it >_>

It means the winner gets weed.

No, it’s actually extra money or “bonus” added to the prize pool or “pot”.

Oh ok thanks so its just extra money that’s added to the entrance fee. I was trying to figure out who it goes too. But now I understand.

The extra money goes to pay for the venue.

The extra money is used to purchase a series of call options, which are then added to a portfolio of credit default swaps, until they are loaned to Juicy G, who promises to pay them back later.

Maybe we could get a 5v5 KOF going if there is enough out-of-town KOF players? Chicago vs Midwest. It doesn’t even have to be streamed. Efo could record it.

Balrog: “My portfolio of credit default swaaaaaps!!”