[Aug 18, 2012] HeartNana Presents: Chicago 4 Ultimate in Midwest Arena (Northbrook, IL)

It means the winner gets weed.

No, it’s actually extra money or “bonus” added to the prize pool or “pot”.

Oh ok thanks so its just extra money that’s added to the entrance fee. I was trying to figure out who it goes too. But now I understand.

The extra money goes to pay for the venue.

The extra money is used to purchase a series of call options, which are then added to a portfolio of credit default swaps, until they are loaned to Juicy G, who promises to pay them back later.

Maybe we could get a 5v5 KOF going if there is enough out-of-town KOF players? Chicago vs Midwest. It doesn’t even have to be streamed. Efo could record it.

Balrog: “My portfolio of credit default swaaaaaps!!”


I can see if my mom can drive me out there. I might just watch don’t know about entering any games.

If someone else from Iowa goes, I’ll see if they’ll stop through Dubuque and let me hitch a ride.

But the pot bonus can technically be weed… Can I pre reg now??? LOL
"Weed & Five Guys Burgers, the official fuel and food of the CFGC!"

So sad they pushed back aquapizza release date…

If Heartnana doesn’t mind beating on people in AH3 I might make it for some games (and mvc2 as well)

I like that call out. Chicago/IL KOF vs Midwest KOF

I think I’ll go and enter everything except MK.

Also max you have never responded to me in here and or the original message you sent me privately. Get back to me please.

get pumped people, info about the 5 on 5 for kof 13 will be posted soon.

Anyone who is bringing a setup, I need to know in advance that you’re bringing a setup, and what game you’re bringing it for. If you don’t let myself, Humbag, or CurlyW know before the tournament, then we’re not going to be able to give a discount, even if you have a setup the day of.
Since I’m running P4U and SC5, the equipment I’ll need will be:
2-3 PS3s and game for P4U, and 2-3 PS3s and game for SC5.

So please bring setups, and let one of us know in advance (and what game it’s going to be used for) in order to get your $5 off! Thanks!

Also, there will be a side BBCSEX tournament at 8PM! $5 entry!!! Please join!!!

I’ll be bringing a 360 with every game.

Enjoy your $5 off!

I can take a ps3 with KoF and P4A