The Guardians of Skillionaire, Dick Wolf & Next Level Arcade Present:


**$$$ S K I L L I O N A I R E **F I G H T I N G iv $$$


Next Level Arcade
4013 8th Avenue (In-between 40th and 41st street)
Brooklyn, NY 11232

[LEFT]Venue Fee: $10 (suggested)[/LEFT]
While NLA charges several different hourly rates, there is a flat rate of $10 for a full day’s admittance available. It’s probably in your best interest to consider this option as tournaments tend to run about 4-6hrs on average AND you’ll probably want to get warmed up before the event as well as request salty runbacks after the event is completed.

[LEFT]Day & Start Time: Friday, August 19th @7PM[/LEFT]
Not 7:30PM, not 8 or 9PM either. Try showing up at least thirty minutes ahead of schedule because if you show after the time posted it’s very likely you WILL NOT be added to the brackets.

[LEFT]Casual Games & Warm-ups: 5pm - 7pm[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Regstration: 6pm - 7pm[/LEFT]
Please sign-up AT THE DESK BY THE GLASS COUNTER which is conveniently located at the arcade entrance. Signs will be posted to further assist you.

Stream provided by Dick_Wolf** @http://www.twitch.tv/min2012**

[LEFT]Featured Titles[/LEFT]

DARKSTALKERS 3: VAMPIRE SAVIOR (PS2 - Vampire: via Darkstalkers Collection)

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2 (PS2 - via Street Fighter Alpha Anthology)

Tournament Format
Entry Fee: $3/title, only $9 to enter all three tournaments!

[LEFT]Grand Prize: WINNER-TAKE-ALL. Don’t spend it all in one place.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]2nd, 3rd Place Prizes: You get to shake hands with a $KILLIONAIRE! How many people can say they’ve done that?[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Bracket Assignment[/LEFT]
[*]Skill Level Seeding
Players are awared points based on their placement in the respective tournament entered. The point distribution is as follows:

1st - 21 Points
2nd - 13 Points
3rd - 8 Points
4th - 5 Points
5th (tie) - 3 Points
7th (tie) - 2 Points

[LEFT]In the $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING events following, participants will be seeded/arranged in brackets based on total accumulated points from prior $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING tournaments (regardless of region or team affiliation). Top4 will usually be seeded unless total # entrants exceeds 15players in which top8 will then be seeded.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Double Elimination[/LEFT]
[]Winner of a set (2/3 matches) progresses, loser of the set pops some garlic tablets and moves to the losers bracket.
]Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals: WILL ALL BE 2-out-of-3 MATCHES (First to two wins).
Game Settings
CVS2: Default Options (Timer 999, Dmg 2, Speed 3)
VSAV: Default Damage (DMG 2), Default Timer (99), Speed Setting: TURBO 3, No speed/mode selection
[*]Dipswitch Setting: 1997/05/19ver (***In order to access the dipswitch settings: In the OPTION menu, hold R1+L1 before selecting GAME OPTION.)
A2:(Details on Dip Setting needed)

Rules & Stipulations
[]WINNER of a match MUST stay with the same character (For CVS2 the winner MUST KEEP THE SAME TEAM AND RATIO SETTINGS but is allowed to change character order before the start of a match)*
[]LOSER has the option to change their character (For CVS2 loser has the option to select new team and adjust ratio of said team)
](((alpha2 stage select issues)))
[LEFT]Double Blind Pick[/LEFT]
[]Before the start of the first match in a set, either player may request a Double Blind Pick. Both players must then report, to an available judge, the character they intend to select for the first match.
]******For CVS2 players must reveal to judge their character(s)/team selection AND the ratio assignment they intend to use for the first match.
]For the first match only, players are unable to change their character(s) after the selection has been finalized with a judge.
Judges: see “Rithli”, Min or “Zar”

[LEFT]Side Selection[/LEFT]
[]Any player may request a coin toss for player side BEFORE STARTING THEIR FIRST MATCH.
]Winner of coin toss chooses player side and remains on that side for the entire set.
[]If there is a reset in GF’s then either player may again request a coin toss to determine player side (as this is an entirely new set).
]CVS2: Evil Ryu, Blood Iori, God Rugal, Shin Akuma/Gouki
[]VSAV: No Shadow (body snatcher), no Marionette (Shadow Gallon/Talbain is allowed)
]SFA2: Shin Akuma/Gouki (OG Characters are allowed)
[LEFT]Consider the following:[/LEFT]
It’s recommended sets be played through Arcade Mode to avoid any accidental adjustments of the Handicap or Ratio Settings. Arcade Mode will also save the winner’s characters selected as well as the ratio settings thus removing the trouble of having to re-select both again. Order of character appearance may still be adjusted during the pre-battle screen.

It’s recommended sets be played on Arcade Mode to avoid accidental handicap adjustments or selection of “Irregular Stages” (i.e. IRON HORSE, IRON TERROR & FETUS OF GOD). Stages are instead selected at random with the two aforementioned stages being omitted from the roulette.

Apparently several stages in Alpha 2 produce slightly severe to minor lag during custom combos and super combos. It’s recommended to play tournament matches through Versus Mode in order to manually select more favorable stages which are less likely to produce lag in a match. Stages to avoid are: Birdie Stage, Rolento Stage, Dan Stage. For more details on this subject see --> http://streetfighterzero2.blogspot.com/2010/09/stage-lag.html


[LEFT]Seasonal Prizes & MVP Awards[/LEFT]
$KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING Seasons will run for a length of roughly 6 months. Near a season’s end, participants will be updated on Player Points and the potential MVP for each title will be announced. This is pretty much a wake-up call to any of the players who may be tailing the current leader and are looking to step their game up at the last second in hopes of stealing away the seasonal title. The player with the highest rank for each title (CVS2, VSAV & A2) will be awarded with a prize (non-cash, sorry) and will be crowned as the “Wealthiest $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTER” for their respective game(s).

[LEFT]Current Rankings[/LEFT]

MIN (63)
Snake (39)
[LEFT]Jon/2hitcombo (16)[/LEFT]
GOS Zar (13)
Rithli (6)
DS (5)
Jasmin (5)
Apollo (4)
Hold Dat (3)
Jason (3)
Mr.Quotes (2)
greek (3)
mark r (3)
WyseGuy (2)
donation drive (2)

Rithli (63)
Braver (16)
More4YourBuck (11)
GOS Zar (10)
Greek (6)
Apollo (5)
DaiAndOh (3)
AkumaHokoru (3)
Squared (2)
Anakron (7)
Snake (2)
Spooky (2)
donation drive (2)

Anakron (21)
GOS Zar (13)
M1N (8)
Snaaake (5)
Braver (3)
Greek (3)
Duke (2)
donation drive (2)


I would rather be a skillionaire than a millionaire because money can become worthless but skills are eternal. Please bring your PS2 sticks people.

gonna clean the OP up a bit later but you guys know the deal by now.

mark of the skillennium 2012

I might be able to make it out to this since I get paid on the afternoon of the 19th…I hope so!

Someone post specifics on A2 dip settings. I’m almost done completing template for skilli events.

Also, RSVP people!! Let’s hype this up and get the word out-t-t-t!


did some research use 96/03/04 ver. you should be fine. I’ll try and show if i can get a mas stick or a 360 to ps2 controller

k, sweet. A2 wasnt released as a single title on ps2, right? also, dare I ask, how close is ps1 A2 to arcade?

ps1 = its a trap lol. nah just use alpha collection for ps2 and access the dip switch menu yall should be good

Exactly. Screw treasury bonds. Invest in skill.

I’m gonna try my best to make it, if I do I’ll bring an extra ps2, an extra ps2 stick, a copy of cvs2 and a couple other games.

Why is this not on the 1st page? HYPE THIS SHIT UP!

we have 4x ps2 systems already at NL

Last time we used A2 I made sure it was on the correct settings, everything was smooth.

hey, let me get specifics on dip settings and how to access. kinda need this for myself to practice for next event lol

yeah but iirc they only play ahemlegitcopiescough. any chance you can ‘have a look at them’ so we dont have to lug in extra units unnecessarily?

Read first post: http://www.neoempire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=567

O, ok, thats good, I’ll just bring my extra ps2 stick, I’m sure people would appreciate that:)


in there like swimwear!!!


Can’t wait till Friday!