[Aug 19, 2012] CoMo-Stetics (Columbia, Mo)


*** All thing’s portions are subject to change**

So you think you have the total skill set huh? Doesn’t really matter which game genre you’re playin’, you’re just gonna run things? That’s cool…prove it. August 19th, we want those who talk the talk AND walk the walk to do what it do. Sports? Shooter? Fighter? Enter. Here’s the low-down:

Event: CoMo-Stetic

Fee: $5 for venue, $3 spectator pass, $10 entry per game registration

Venue: Virtual Arena, 1301 Vandiver Dr, Columbia, MO

Games: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 3
NBA 2k12
Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012

Prizes: Determined by turnout

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3/Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012/MK9-
3/5 Rounds
Double Elimination
Button Configurations will be done pre-match
Pause in mid match will be auto round forfeit unless certain death mid pause

NBA 2k12-
2 pause rule before DQ (45 seconds)
5 minute max allowance for pre-game setting/line-up adjustments
4 minute quarters
Superstar difficulty
Single elimination

Call of Duty: MW3-
Default tournament rules
10 min time

Columbia, MO: It's just Too BRISK, baby
STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!
Springfield, MO - No, really, we play fighting games here!