[Aug 19, 2012] Nashville, TN MONTHLY (Antioch, TN)


AUGUST 18TH SATURDAY IN ANTIOCH AT THE NEW GAME GALAXY ARCADE VENUE (which is absolutely rockin’ I might add).

5346 Hickory Hollow Parkway, Antioch, TN in the Hickory Hollow Shopping Center ACROSS the street from Freeland Chevrolet next to the Barber Shop.

When: Signups at Twelve Noon, sirs. You can show up earlier for casuals. You can show up to the game you want to enter beforehand for signups (example, coming only for AE just show up right before 5pm not at Noon)


12:30- King of Fighters 13 (360)
1:30 - Guilty Gear (ps2)
2:30 - Persona 4 Arena: Ultimate in Mayonnaise Arena TEAMS 2v2 (360)
4:00 - Persona 4 Arena Singles (360)
5:00- Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v2012 (360)

All matches are 2 out of 3.
All stages are random unless agreed upon by players.
All music is random unless agreed upon by players.
All Finals Matches such as Losers, Winners, and Grand are best 3 out of 5.
Brackets are Double Elimination.

Pot split is 60/30/10 for all games.

Venue Fee is 10 dollars.
All tournaments are five dollar entry with the exception of the Persona doubles tournament which is ten dollars per team.