[Aug 19, 2012] The Ace Championships (Arima , trinidad)


** ACE 2012 Championship - Trinidad**

MORTAL KOMBAT - $$80 Registration
Tekken 6 - $80 Registration
Super Street FighterIV AE - $80 Registration
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - $80 Registration

FIGHTING GAMES - Setting and Rules

  • No disrespecting other players no matter what. Please show courtesy to everyone there and good sportsmanship.

  • Abusive behavior and language is prohibited.

  • Best 2 out of 3 matches. Loser may change characters/assists. Winner cannot change characters or assists.

  • Final match best 3 out of five matches.

  • Turbo and program functions on controllers are banned. If you are caught using them, you will be disqualified.

  • If you have a controller malfunction, stop playing and contact a tournament director. If the controller is actually malfunctioning, you will be allowed a re-start. If it is not, you will take a loss for the match.

  • There is no simple mode allowed, you are only allowed to use normal mode. Damage stays at default, no changing it. Button checks must be clarified before your actual match starts. How this works, pick random characters do a button check then return to the character select screen then begin your match

  • If you are disqualified from any game, you are not entitled to a refund of any kind. Make sure when your name is called that you proceed to the station/TV where your match is going to take place. You have five minutes to get to your station, if you do not show up within the time you will be disqualified.

  • Any action that interferes with the play of a game is prohibited.

  • Standard Characters Only, No Kratos

  • Violation of any rule, unless specifically stated otherwise, will result in immediate disqualification and/or loss of winner status.

  • Games started without the approval of a director will be restarted.

  • Players are encouraged to bring their own controllers, however controllers are supplied by the tournament organizers. If a controller is defective, a player must notify the referee.

  • Players are not allowed to stop a match in progress for any reason unless their controller is not responding. The tournament runner will test the controller, and if it is found to be defective, the match will be restarted. If not, the game will be forfeited.

  • Each player will be allowed a maximum of 1 minute to configure their controls

  • In the event of a system malfunction or power failure that current game will be continued from the point of interruption. If this cannot be done than the entire game shall be restarted.

We thank you for helping to build gaming in Trinidad and Tobago.
Have a good time and good luck to all!


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A small Island name TRINIDAD


If You haven’t heard about a island call Trinidad now you know


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don’t forget this people, EVO was great i love the world event ,


I wish some can see this post and get it on the Front Page of Shoryuken


What system will the games be played on?


PlayStation 3


Alright thanks.


Will be having a Go kart free for driving at the ACE Championship, Trinidad


Ace 2012 Championship - Trinidad