[Aug 19, 2012] Uprising V.3 Sunday August 19, 2012 Manchester, CT... (Manchester, CT)


It’s been a long time since Northern Connecticut had local tournaments. So, without further adieu, Uprising! Location: The Grid
** 52 Purnell Place**
** Manchester, CT 06040**
** (860) 645-9006 **(Number of the venue)
BYOC event
Venue fee: $5
Tournament fee: $10 for each game
Pot Split: 70/20/10
The venue and sign ups open at 1 pm. AE and Marvel singles will begin at 2 pm. KOF singles at 3 pm. Double elimination for all games.

**SSF4 AE: Version 2012 **(singles) Xbox 360
**KOFXIII **(singles) Xbox 360
**Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 **(singles) Xbox 360
The Grid is a card shop, so TVs and Xbox 360s are needed. Please bring setups to make this event possible!


**Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version 2012:**Default settings. 2 out of 3 games. Loser may change character/ultra. Winner may change ultra after the loser changes characters, but before he selects his ultra.

**Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:**All matches are 3 out of 5
Galactus Mode is banned from tournament play
No game breaking glitches allowed
Winner keeps same starting character, but can switch order of assists
You may not use the same character twice on the same team
Random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage
All characters are tournament legal, including Jill and Shuma Gorath

Best 2 out of 3 games. Loser may change team and/or order of their team.
All characters are allowed.

Please try to be on time. If anyone will be late feel free to contact me (860) 970-1902 or the venue for directions. I plan on continuing to run these on a monthly basis. Let’s get hype!

ATL North Upcoming Tournaments thread

Bump! Extra reminder to everyone to please bring CRTs and 360s for help with setups.


Are PS3’s okay? I can bring a PS3…


No Islandboy


I’m in there, and I will be bringing a CRT and a system with SSFIVAE. Please bring setups, people!


Thank you!! Yes please bring setups so this can run as time friendly as possible. Also, the streamer I asked to come stream Uprising won’t be able to make it this weekend. I’ll try to record choice matches and finals.


See everyone there. The reception in the venue isn’t the best, so if I can’t receive calls contact the venue itself. The numbers are in the description at the top.


Thank you to everyone who came to Uprising. I’ll be working on making the tournament bigger and better. I apologize for the mishaps with the Marvel bracket to everyone. And I want to thank everyone in Marvel who was patient and understanding. The full results may be found on Challonge.com.


  1. Kryonik
  2. Essex
  3. Trent

SSF4: AE 2012

  1. Jamal AKA Freejaythegod
  2. CP
  3. RPD Alex Smith

2. Cheeseburger AKA gysbert
Congrats to all the winners and again thanks for coming out. I apologize for the late results as I had a death in the family and attended a funeral the day after Uprising.