[Aug 19th 2012] A&C World Tournament Series #7 - UMvC3/AE:2012



Sunday, August 19th 2012
A&C World - 702a Spadina Ave - Toronto, ONT (Just South of Spadina Subway station)


Venue fee of $10 upon arival
$10 entry fee for both Street Fighter and Marvel
$5 Spectator fee


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver. 2012 (PS3)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3)


70/20/10 Pot split


(For both tournaments)
Double elimination
Best 2/3 matches
Loser can switch characters/teams
Winners/Losers/Grand Finals best 3/5 matches
Timer: 99 second default


12:00 PM - Registration Starts
1:30 PM - Registration Closes
2:00 PM - AE 2012 starts
3:00 PM - UMvC3 Starts


  • This even is BYOC (Bring Your own Controller), though there are a limited amount of arcade sticks available. Controller rentals are available.

  • There will be a limited number of free play stations for AE2012 and UMVC3 (360)

  • The Rules of the tournament are subject to change at the discretion of A&C Games.

  • For more info or if you want to sponsor this event, contact us or visit http://www.acgamesonline.com/


Gar and Chang Toy

Contact me via PM or A&C Games at (416)923-3066 if you have any questions about this event.[SIZE=3][/SIZE]


Sticky please Contra, Thanks.


Stickied. Watchtower, if you want to get a thread stickied, find me on IRC please! (link in my sig)


Thanks for the stalking invitation, I’ll take you up on that next time.


I’m in for umvc3.


I may participate since i’m free this Saturday.
Hope that I don’t go 0-2 in this tourney.



You’d go 0-2 if you showed up on Saturday since that’s a Melee tournament.


how big were the turnouts for the past tournaments? :open_mouth:


roughly 15


oh sounds good, hope i can make it out to this one


Hoping for more for this one. Last one was the day after the BBQ, I’m surprised I even showed up.


Shit wish i read this earlier and booked off work, but unforutnatly im already scheduled :frowning: