[Aug 20, 2011] Aug 20 Framingham MA GameUnderground Mk9, Mvc3, AE (Framingham, MA)

1pm Signups/Warmups
3pm Mortal Kombat $10
4pm Marvel vs Capcom 3 $10
6pm Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition $10

All Tournaments are Double Elimination!
$5 Venue Fee Covers ALL TOURNAMENTS!

All tournaments on Xbox 360, except Mk9 which will be on ps3.

You guys still host fight nights on Tuesday and Friday nights?

Is this a tournament or just a get together?

We’re gonna get together and have a tournament!

I’m coming if I can get the day off of work!

Yo ULLL! Definitely going. It’d be sick if you were to run this on PS3, since we’re getting ready for Summer Jam. I’d be willing to bring mine if you were to go for that.

They do!

oh my word

Hey guys I’m interested in growing the MA competitive scene. So I’m definitely going to attend this. Quick question, how much is it to sign up for each event?

Same question and if you bring a console is it cheaper?

Fight Nights is Back in Wallingford CT, under a new Name: Hall of Gaming.
Please visit us at www.myhallofgaming.com and take a look of our new relocated DM.
Print This to get a free Sunday Fight!

Mortal Kombat 9
Guilty Gear XX
Super Smash Brothers
Soul Calibur 3
Halo 2

And lot More! Just Ask us for more Details!

Will be there this Saturday for sure :wink:

Good shit. We have to finally play each other in MK9!


I just got off the phone with LuckyD. MvC3 and SSFIVAE will be run on Xbox 360, and MK9 will be on PS3.

The venue fee is $5, and entry is $10 per game.

It’s actually not, as the store already has plenty of consoles.

Hey Dan, if we were only to compete in, say, the AE tournament, would we still need to be there at 2 for sign-ups, or will there be rolling sign-ups throughout the day?

If anyone is driving from near Malden, I’m willing to pay for gas. PM me.

I can’t wait for MK! I got this!

How many people usually show up for this tournament?

AE usually gets around 40! MvC 25-30 MK around 20!

JAMIE. Is the new pinball table in yet? I’m hyped.

Not yet… it’s kinda whenever Pinball Wizard wants to come switch it out for us! BTW check them out sometime up in NH AWESOME Arcade!