[Aug 20, 2011] DMGS Lan 1.0 (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

This event, we’ll be hosting tournaments for Starcraft 2, Team Fortress 2, CS, CS:S, Super Street Fighter IV, and Marvel vs Capcom 3- and whatever else a majority may bring to the table. We’ve got 2100 square feet of gaming, so bring your whole guild/clan/group of awkward friends.

Close to amenities, hotels, awesome malls, and I think there’s some fast food or something close… Possibly supplying energy drinks, some pizza, and other awesome junk that may or may not be useful to you- but will become more apparent closer to the event date. Prizes! Fun! Dinosaurs! Come play!

May be some slight developments with the location- but nothing too drastic! Official website to come (:

$35 for PC reservations (Available at the door, but must e-mail sarahelecko@gmail.com to reserve space- first come first serve, BYOC)
Bring your own computer to our luxurious folding card tables! Your Ethernet cables (and extras) are always great to bring, along with any power bar peripherals and networking junk! Headphones only, so no speakers allowed!

Currently limited to 20 seats! Get it before they seem to be all gone! Capacity may be upped (but don’t count on it, exactly). We need at least 15 to pre-reg before we can actually hold the event, so get on it!

$10 for Console seats (available at door)
We’re going to be hosting a number of different organizations dedicated to consoles, so get ready for some top-tier gaming. Bring some games if you’re interested in sharing, any arcade sticks and controllers are welcome! Consoles, monitors, power bars, and anything else are also welcome! Just bring everything. Everything is welcome.

$10 for tournament entry (goes directly prizes, basically)
Any tournaments hosted are going to have bomb-ass prizes, and really, what better way to pay for them than the money of your competitors?

$5 General Admission (available at door)
Get a feel for whatever’s going on and hang out a bit. Maybe even get some pizza, or lurk… or something. If you change your mind, give an extra $5 to upgrade to console gaming. (: Bring some traditional games if you want, we may have room!

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