[Aug 20, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)


(910) 826-3661


August 20, 2011
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Registration ends at 2:00 PM


Venue - $5
Major Games - $10
Minor Games - $5

General Rules

  • Defult settings
  • Double elimination
  • 2/3 set
  • 3/5 set for finals
  • 70/20/10 pot split
  • Pausing results in a disqualification
  • Game ending glitches result in a disqualification
  • Use of programmable settings on a controller results in a disqualification
  • Draws result in a rematch
  • Blind select is available

Game Specific Rules


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

  • Winner can’t change character but can change ultra
  • Loser can change character and ultra
  • Xbox 360

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

  • Winner can’t change team
  • Loser can change team
  • No simple mode
  • Xbox 360


Tekken 6

  • Winner can’t change character
  • Loser can change character
  • Stage is random select
  • PlayStation 3

Mortal Kombat

  • Winner can’t change character
  • Loser can change character
  • No Kratos
  • No down loadable content
  • PlayStation 3

Arcana Heart 3

  • Winner can’t change character but can change arcana
  • Loser can change character and arcana
  • No simple mode
  • PlayStation 3

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

  • Winner can’t change character but can change super art
  • Loser can change character and super art
  • No Gill
  • PlayStation 2


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This might be my last EZ tournament that I consistently go to in a row since it’s the weekend of the first week that classes start up again but i’ll see what I can do as far as bringing the crew down. Still never going to enter T6 at 10 dollars though so just AH3 and AE for me.

I put T6 and MK back down to $5, if we get a large turnout for those games like we did last time then I’ll bump it right back up.

Word, Elite Zone is so official, they have such a good fan base. I had a blast last time i went even though I got my ass whooped. It’s amazing Fayetville can turn out so many more players than Greensboro. I will be there for sure.

[LEFT]I’ll try to get there to donate to the 3s pot. :rock:[/LEFT]

last time shiki drive us to there, I think I can drive this time if anyone want to ride…

I’m going to try to get out there for my first tourney in August :slight_smile:

Word, I’mma let you do the driving to Fayettenam from this point on.

samething, I gonna bring my setup, as doing casual then, I am not ready for tourney as I expected, I also might leave state to go overseas in few month for family issue…

Well playing in tournament matches is the best way to get ready for tournament matches.

No matter what anybody tells you, casuals are not the same. People play differently when there is something on the line and the matches actually matter.

I don’t suppose you would consider setting up a BlazBlue Continuum Shift II tourney?

We held one last time and only got 6 entrants. The amount of entrants doesn’t warrant the time and equipment we would have to dedicate to run it. Of course you’re more than welcome to run it as a side tournament.

I see. Oh well, I’ll consider going for MvC3 though.

Don’t have a BB tourney. Just give $5 to me. It’s faster and you won’t feel as bad afterwards.

whole time i was living in fayetteville there was no tournaments in city now there is :frowning:

i had to resort to fun fun fun arcade scene :frowning:

do you allow controller layout configuring prior to matches?..I dont use the default layouts


Still lookin good for the 20th, tryin to bring 2-3 people. Gonna do that Arcana Heart 3 and SSF4AE and as long as T6 stays at 5 then that too.

Me, Mario “TCO”, and Stacey will be heading down there as well. We wanna setup a carpool for Charlotte Shiki?

I was gonna enter but then I noticed you banned simple mode… I dunno about that maaaaaaang.