[Aug 20, 2011] Iowa Monthly Series - MvC3, SSF4:AE, T6, MK9 (Hiawatha, IA)

Phone number to the shop: (319) 378-9663

WHAT: Tekken 6 Singles, SSF4:AE singles, MK9 singles, and MvC3 singles.


This is a small gaming shop. They only have a vending machine, but there is a Dairy Queen and a few gas stations only a couple blocks away, as well as a Wal-Mart and a bunch of eateries just a couple minutes away. On the plus side, it’s right off the interstate so super easy to find. The parking lot is kinda small but should be able to hold everyone. Just in case, there are other businesses and residential areas right around it that you can use.


Tournaments start at 1 PM. I’m actually going to get there as early as possible, so feel free to come a little early for casuals and whatnot.

T6: 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then it’ll switch to 3/5 matches.
SSF4:AE: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.
MvC3: 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.
Mortal Kombat: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.

Finals are considered to be Losers Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals. Double-elimination for all.

ENTRY FEE: EF will be $5 for everything, and there is also a venue fee of $2.

RULES: For the most part, I’m not a stickler on rules for these things, but please avoid doing glitches and whatnot. I wouldn’t want to have to uppercut people for being lametards. I did want to specifically address systems, though. PS3 is going to be the standard, but we will have some XBOXs there, so please bring both an XBOX/PS3 stick just incase. For pad players and those who don’t have an XBOX stick, don’t worry, we’ll get you on a PS3. I would just like to take advantage of having XBOXs there. There more systems we can use, the more stations we can have.

Thanks to everyone who brought setups and stuff last time. It really helped. Dare I say we had too many setups… but I guess that can never be true. Turnout dropped a little, but I know the timing was a little bad with EVO close by as well as weather and work issues. Good news is that I saw some new faces, so hopefully we can hit that 30 mark again with ease!

Oh, and I should officially ask: Anyone who can bring a setup, please do. :slight_smile: I’ll bring what I can, as usual, but I know everyone likes playing on the monitors (although I like playing on CRTs just fine…).

I’ll be back with the Asus monitor and I’m sure someone in Dubuque will bring a PS3.

Also, side tourney should either be GGXXAC or 3rd Strike…or Chaos Breaker.

Hell with that, I heard a couple people talking Tekken Tag Tournament. :slight_smile:

I’ll bring my set up, however before I do I need new speakers. Anyone have any ideas? The monitor’s output is through a headphone jack… I wonder if there’s an input directly into the ps3.

Just buy a new pair of shitty little speakers. I can’t imagine they run too much. But, even if you can’t get ahold of a new pair, MK doesn’t need sound and most Tekken players don’t need sound, so we can always use it for a MK/Tekken setup.

I’ll see if I can bring my 30" CRT and PS3…If my old lady approves :rofl:

@Xiang - Are you wanting to run a patched version of MK9 this time?

I thought that one was patched? lol Shows how much I know. Yes, patched would be great. If you happen to have all the characters, that’s be awesome, too. I’ll fuck with mine this weekend and see if I can figure out why it’s not patched.

Oh I thought you posted last time that we would be playing all games unpatched. So I assumed it was unpatched. Should be at version 1.03 now if you go check.

Also, I only own Kenshi at the moment, and will definitely be buying Freddy Krueger. Maybe if I win some money again I will invest in the other 2. This is all assuming I can bring my PS3. It’s not technically just mine.

Nah, all games should be patched to their most current versions. The only oddities are DLC characters. With the exception of MK, all of the other games will have their complete cast list, mostly because they’ve come out with entirely new disc versions of the games. Overall, though, I hate the idea of having to spend more money just to get more characters I really have no interest in. I need to sit down and figure out what the community thinks about it, what I think about it, and then make a decision. For instance, we had no reason to get Scarlet because she’s not allowed in tourny play right now, but what happens after EVO? I’ll have answers before the tourny, lol.

Tom Brady says Skarlet and Kenshi both will be allowed in the tournaments following EVO. I’m guessing given enough time, we’ll also see Rain and Freddy Krueger legal as well. I think a good idea would be to bump up MK9 entry fee’s by a dollar a month and then use it to buy the characters for your machine. That way the community buys the characters. Then at least your machine will have them. It’s important to keep up with the world on this even though it sucks. DLC is stupid.

Side note: I’m hoping to have MOK1 mentioned on the STBL podcast. Should be some decent exposure for it.

That’s not a bad idea. That would actually allow me to put them on a couple of machines. Each character is just $5, right?

Having MOK on that podcast would be badass, not gonna lie.

Actually, I’m going to take that back. I’ll just steal some of the venue fee to pay for it. They’ll have to just deal with getting less this time around. :slight_smile:

Perfect. Do it!

The fiance put the kibosh on me bringing a TV and the PS3. She “Doesnt want our shit being fucked with by a bunch of 14 year olds.” Haha. Sorry, neither are technically just mine, so I have no argument here.

TV isn’t a big deal; we have plenty of CRTs available. System would have been nice, but we had plenty last time, so I think we’ll be all right this time. :slight_smile: I’m actually in the same situation, but I told her that I’d buy her a new system right there on the spot if anything happened to it.

If you need something for the home, I have a mid-size stereo system I never use. For the tournament, I should have some PC speakers[probably don’t have the plugs for them anymore, so no amp]. Gonna check if they still exist this Saturday.

Just found out that I gotta be in Chicago the weekend of the 20th, so I can’t be there for this. Sorry guys. :frowning: If Dubuque goes I’ll make sure to send the Asus monitor with.

Get hype-- yes two Iowa tournaments are the first two listed on the forum. HAHA.

SUPER HYPE!! Whatchu know about that Iowa, haters?

For cereal sidenote: Freddy will be banned for MK. Not a big surprise since I banned him for MOK until his dumb ass gets patched, but thought I would mention it. :slight_smile: