[Aug 20, 2011] Lock in @ Gaming ETC | Cancelled (Stratford, Ct)

Hey guys just letting you know that we will be doing an overnight lock in at Gaming ETC

Fee: $25

Whats included: Unlimited free pizza & drinks
video game raffles
They will also be playing Magic and other card games there feel free to try
There will also be board games there to try out (you owe it to yourself to try resident evil)
Tons of mini fun tournaments will be held
Games: Whatever game you want to be played can be played (I encourage people to bring their own systems for saves or what not) The store does have copies mvc3 mk9 and AE on disk that that you can use and systems as well. They even have copies of l4d2 of people want me to set that up for fun

Also if your planning on coming please RSVP for we can gauge how much pizza we must have on hand

I’ll be there. Sounds like a good time

Sorry guys this event has been cancelled