[Aug 20, 2011] South Shore Showdown ARCADE EDITION/MVC3 (Amityville, New York)

Running a Street Fighter/ Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament at Blu Planet Entertainment in Amityville.
Located right near a Five Guys Burgers, A Hershey’s Ice Cream, and a Pizza Place
Casuals start at 3pm
Tournament starts at 4pm
If your running late call the store
Ask for Matt

Venue $5
Arcade Edition: $10
Marvel 3: $10

Tournament will run
Winners and Losers Bracket

70% Pot for First Place
20% For Second Place
10% For Third Place


  • Defult settings
  • Double elimination
  • 2/3 set
  • 3/5 set for winners/losers/grand finals
  • 70/20/10 pot split for 1st/2nd/3rd place
  • Pausing results in a disqualification
  • Game ending glitches result in a disqualification
  • Use of programmable settings on a controller results in a disqualification
  • Draws result in a rematch

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

  • Winner can’t change character but can change ultra
  • Loser can change character and ultra

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

  • Winner can’t change team
  • Loser can change team
  • No simple mode

amityville??? shivers i saw that movie yesterday. But i’ll still try and see if i can make it

if i am able to go i will bring a setup for AH3…if we get enough people we’ll run a tourn for it…

Guys come down to support this. We could end up having weekly sessions here if you guys want as long as this tournament ends up having a solid turn out.

Aw I won’t be around for it but I would def have come :frowning:

Hey man its ok should be hosting this every month, If anyone wants to bring any other game they are free to

Its tomorrow I hope people show up