[Aug 20, 2011] Super SFIV Arcade Edition Tourney in NYC This Weekend (New York, NY)


Hey Everyone,

There will be a Super SFIV AE Tournament this weekend (August 20th & 21st) at the Samsung Experience in NYC. There will be several prizes & first place gets a 32gig Galaxy Tab.

The 2 days of the tourney are completely separate from each other, thus allowing you to show up both days, giving you two chances to win!!!

The tournament will be played on Samsung’s floor to ceiling HD wall. It’s completely free & anyone can sign up the day of. The game will be played on the Xbox 360 console and you can even bring your own fight sticks.

See you there & Go for broke!!!

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in there like swimwear!! :eek:


I’m there… Quite a few good players here. It’s free, great prizes and the jumbotron hd wall thing is awesome, but I hope the tourney format gets straightened out for tomorrow. Could have sworn it was advertised as 2/3 games double elim, but maybe I made that up. To qualify for top 16, you have to win five straight on what was originally four, then six casual set-ups with very crowded lines to play. I guess if you can’t host a big tourney, you gotta find the finalists somehow, but I think first come first served signups for a 32 participant or 64 participant single elim would have been more fair.

Edit - the finals were a lot of fun. You could use your own sticks. The HD wall wasn’t lag free, but it was better than the casual set-ups. The finals was Spab Rog (El Fuerte) vs. Poem (Boxer) and Spab Rog won 2-1 (the finals and the third place match were best of three games). I’ll probably be back tomorrow.


The finals today featured Dieminion and Han, who eliminated me in strong fashion in the quarterfinals. First game was close but went 2-0 to Kevin. Second game Kevin was down to a pixel but threw out Guile’s U1 and it caught something to take off Han’s last 1/3 of health and then Kevin perfected him the next round to win it.

GGs to everyone, congrats and see you Wednesday at Guard Crush.