[Aug 20, 2011] VATR "Summer Crowns & BeatDowns" (Fairfax, Virginia)

FREE MadCatz TE FightStick Raffle!!! One lucky participant will win a stick! A 120-150 dollar value!

August 20th, 2011
Doors open 11AM
-1PM - MvC3 Starts
-2PM - MK9 Starts
-3PM - Tekken 6 Starts
-8PM - Casuals and Exhibition Matches
Doors close 10PM

*please note the times and the arrangements of times can change on the day of the tournament. so it is best you make it to the venue as early as possible

George Mason University
Johnson Center (JC)- 3rd Floor, Room A
4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 - [COLOR=#2b448f]Google Directions to Parking Lot

Parking and Metro:
Please park at Lot A if possible but there are other free parking lots at K,L,J, and C. Below are images to guide your parking experience.


Get to VIENNA METRO STATION and go to the NORTH exit and a mason shuttle should arrive near the parking deck every 30 minutes. “METRO TO MASON”

For more detailed instructions, check out this website provided by GMU. For additional personal help, please call Sayco or email any of the admins or ask on FB or SOMETHING!

1v1 Double Elimination 70/20/10 (or 80/20/00 depending on turnout) ; FT2 (Best 2 of 3 Matches)
applies to Tekken/MVC3/MK9
Entry fee = $5 per person per tournament
Venue fee = $5 per person
Mason Student = $4 discount
Bring Setup (PS3+TEKKEN6 or TV/MONITOR)* = $5 discount

*must notify us prior to tournament date

–= Scheduled Matches (right after Grand Finals)
MATCH 1 - Aquarious vs Scrub Zilla - FENG OF VA MATCH
MATCH 2 - Region vs Region - Regionals Challenge
MAIN EVENT - tba -
–= Side Matches

-6 PS3 setups for Tekken
-3 PS3 setups for Marvel vs Capcom 3
-2 PS3 setups for Mortal Kombat 9
-Two wired 360 controller converter
-VATR will order pizza and drinks
-Two recording stations
-Hopefully we can get a stream going for this tournament
-If any other state wants to join in on the exhibition please come out and we’ll arrange one

For more questions please contact
dangstro @ dangstro@vatekkenrage.com or tekkenplaya@gmail.com

Setup Discount



  1. Battle Jitni

(tournament info last updated 7/27/11)[/COLOR]

No Street Fighter? o__O!

no ae?

Sadly, no AE…

*Update on Marvel Tournament Via CX(Copy X).
We now are up to 7 Setups for Marvel ALONE. Lots of good peeps that are hungry and want to show off their Marvel prowess will be there. One thing to note is Marvel WILL start on time and I know that my bro is running it along with VATR and he’s not joking on that aspect. 10 minutes is tolerable but he will run it at no later than 1:10pm. People that know him from the 3D community know he really pushes the envelope on that since he feels it’s unfair to those that make it on time and don’t want to waste their time. Just like a patient that is late, he reschedules them and in this case, you can wait till the next tourney to play if you don’t want to be put in losers if you’re late. Again, we all want to have a good time despite playing a game that anyone can get blown up easily… so we encourage you to please be on time. Thanks!

  • Xi

oh wow 7 set ups for marvel, I still think AE should have been run just to fill the demographic. At least we have Marvel and MK though, which is great.
Tekken will be seriously hype at this event with lots of GREAT players in attendance. MK and MVC should also have some very strong players as well