[Aug 21, 2011] MVC3/AE & $20 MK9 @ Gaming ETC (Stratford, CT)

Hey guys were back again for another hype tournament at Gaming ETC. Last time we had a pretty awesome tournament and I expect to even have more people this time. We will be raffling off games again just to show our <3 for you guys

When: August 21st
Registration: 11 - 2:30pm
Starts: 3pm
Venue Fee: $5 (unless you were at the lock in)
Games: MK9, AE, and MVC3
System: xbox 360
Tournament fee: MvC3 and AE are $10, MK9 at the scene request is $20

So once again guys come on down and get some practice in before Summer Jam, expect to see everyone who came last time again and new faces

Well with the lock in cancelled, im looking forward to this tournament now


In for MVC3 please.

Um, I was going to enter MK9 with Freddy, but not for $20. No offense but I’m trying to learn the game, I’ve never entered a fighting game tournament in my life with a $20 entry fee. Might as well make it $100 so these guys who have been playing since day 1 make big money and nobody but the same 5 people enter. When did this become about making money? It’s a local for christ sake.

I will try to shrug off my “old man status” for a day and make it to this for the Capcom games.

Phil that entry fee is open to discussion, the players the consistenly show up for it where the ones to ask for $20 entry fee

I might sign up for MK9 if the entry was $10.

The players asking for $20 entry seem to think that this tournament is some kind of a moneymaking venture. It’s not. It’s a local tournament to promote the scene in this area of CT and keep things alive; the only reason there’s an entry fee is to keep it honest and not have Joe Baloney walk in off the street and ask if he can enter because it’s free. I’d enter with Freddy for $10 but I’m not donating $20 to greedy players who’ve played this game hardcore since day 1.

Ill talk with them Phil and see whats up

20 is a bit steep for MK. I was gonna enter MK too this time cuz I been playin that instead of marvel since mvc3 seems irrelevant to me atm since ultimate is gonna be a hell of alot different (I’ll still enter marvel though for shits and giggles). But yea I agree with Phil. 20 for a local is a bit wack.

edit: p.s. forgot to add, can MK be played on PS3? cuz I use the PS3 pad for that game. I hate the x-box controller

if people want 10 and are going to enter ill change the entrance fee back to 10$

guys we going to switch MK9 back $10

O man Im expecting some wars this sunday, will Freddy rule the dream and real world?

are there any images of what the venue looks like?

I do not have any at the moment but I can get some probably later today, if you come you wont be disappointed there is more than enough space within the venue

A lot of space at the venue and a Duchess right across the street. :tup:

how long would the drive be from RI?

you can google map from where you are to 555 lordship blvd stratford ct and it will let you know

woop 2 days aways

Is Freddy still allowed or are people bitching out because they think he’s overpowered? If he’s banned, unfortunately it looks like I’m out of the MK tournament as I haven’t played with any characters besides him in months. Raiden/Kung Lao are still way more broken but allowed, so this defies logic.

Also what is up with SRK’s disorganized Tournament and Events section? It took me 20 minutes to find this goddamned thread again, I couldn’t find it so I had to go to the CT thread and sift through 10 pages of posts to find when Walter originally linked it. SRK’s search function apparently doesn’t work, it timed out twice when I tried “Games Etc CT” with original poster “Bacardi” lol. What a joke.

Anyone who’s on the fence about this tournament should attend. The venue is LARGE, air-conditioned, and the best thing CT’s had going in quite some time. It has a bathroom, you can get drinks and snacks right at the venue, and there’s a Duchess directly across the street that has good food. PLUS the tournament is going to be streamed as an added bonus. Get off your butts and get there! (this applies to me as well).