[Aug 23, 2011] Turn that B!7C# into an arcade! 8/23/2011 (3s/SSF4:Ae/MvC3) Chicago... (Chicago, IL)

August 23rd help us celebrate BACK for the First time StreetFighter III 3rd Strike by turning another venue into an acrade!!! We will enjoy the affordably great food and drinks at The Wild Goose Bar on the northside of Chicago.

Venue fee? BLOWN AWAY This is a Free to attend event
Food and drink by bar: [COLOR=#3b5998]http://www.wildgoosebar.com/Welcome.html
Here is the drink special for the night $2 22oz. Lablatt!!!
This is a 21+ event.

We will have a total of 5-6 set ups TV and Console
We will be running: MVC3, SSF4 AE, MK9, and SF III 3S

Our friendly neighborhood video game news group VGTV, will be there to broadcast the event LIVE, as well as stream matches on their website:

EXTREME MODS will be sponsoring prizes at the event be prepared for custom cases, custom case controllers and parts!!! Like their FB for regular contests and prizes: http://www.facebook.com/ExtremeMods
Check Their Website:

So RSVP as soon as possible![/COLOR]

Oh hell yes dude. finally somebody got the right idea. Will most definitely be there and would be down for some AE as well.

Is this for real? Awesome, within walking distance of my crib. Stumble home salty FTW!

I’ll go either way! Don’t matter what game is the main game.

I think I’ll be able to make it. Will be nice to drink & play at a place that isn’t Gameworks.

Random question and off topic, J-money, but do you know someone named Xavier that works at Gamestop?

YA! we cool! you work with him or something? or you seen me on FB?

No, I just frequent the Gamestop he works in from time to time. It’s actually nowhere near where I live but I prefer to go there since he’s awesome.

Do we need to bring anything? Controllers or systems?

oh shit this is literally walking distance from my house…!

Get Hype~!

@chrisM, i am looking for system donations! pm me

Looking forward to this very much so. Wild goose is a nice bar indeed. I might be able to bring a system but I won’t know until then.

got like 25 confirmed on FB alone!

You think there’s a way for me to get in…I’m 19 T.T

Count me in. I’m bringing a crew, also im 19 am i allowed to enter?

you can try!!! thy might not card till you buy drinks sinc it is a bar AND grill

alright sweet

I will be free as hell in 3rd Strike, but no venue fee and $2 Labatts say I don’t give a fuck.


Too bad I suck at third strike. But I do love 22oz 2 dollar labat’s and half price wraps so I will be there.

Unless you have anniversary collection I think it’s safe to say everyone is free in third strike, maybe more free with the drinks. My Q will rule them all lol.