[Aug 24, 2012] Epik Cards and Games Weekly MvC3! (Irving, TX)


We just had our first one tonight, so we’re still working out all the kinks. Starts between 8-9, still thinking of a good time to start. So far leaning towards 9. The competition is pretty good, and at $5 a person the pot can get pretty healthy. 12 people and the pot was $20 for 1st and $10 for 2nd. We run double elimination brackets.

Our goal is to just get more people to run in these tourneys, we’ll have a community, meet up for casuals, all around good times.

No stream yet, so if you can stream or know someone that does have streaming equipment, be sure to let us know.

Follow us on Facebook! Ask to join our group and just mention you’re in for the tourneys, or if you just want to meet up and play casuals that’s cool too.


If you have any other questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to send me a message or reply to this thread.


is this games on x-box if it is im in


We run on PS3s!


What are you guys playing?


We primarily play MvC3, we were talking about adding more games if we get bigger turnouts.


Ahh you should really do it on the 360 I could easily bring 4-6 people to this but no one I play with has a dual modded stick. All the tournaments I’ve been to have been on 360 but I’ve only been to 3 so I guess that’s not saying much :stuck_out_tongue:


Just received word that we can run it on PS3 and 360. Like we’ll have a 360 tourney and a PS3 tourney, with separate entrance fees.


I like Marvel but I haven’t played in a long while been meaning to get back in, but any players that come that play BlazBlue?


I used to play a lot with some friends, but I couldn’t justify paying $9 for Makoto if I got if myself


are y’all gonna play umvc3 or mvc3 since the new one will be out?


Of course we’re going to be on UMvC3, and apparently we’re having something special this Friday


… cool ill make it to this one i figure no sense in getting my butt handed to me since i haven’t played mvc3 since june


Oh we in there.


i can actually help you guys stream the tournaments if you like, right know i host online tourneys for mk9 and am looking for a venue where i can host and stream mk9 and umvc tourneys. let me know if you will like the idea. check out my stream at TWITCH.TV/Menace87


We’re still doing these, we haven’t lately cause of a lack of players, so we did Smash instead. We really want to do Marvel though!


And Menace I’ll give your stream a look, streaming would be pretty awesome


aye bro can yall do street fighter im down to come if yall add street fighter on the xbox to the list (2012 edtion of course) lol


You add AE and I am in!