[Aug 24, 2012] Kanka Ge-Mu Goshujin Online Tournament October 21, 2011 (Xbox Live Online)


http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=202055463196922&view=wall&notif_t=event_wall#!/event.php?eid=202055463196922 for the facebook sign up as well

OCt 21th is the date of the online tournament! Start time from 8:00pm for getting the viewers ready to 9pm when the tourney starts.

Also guys remember to register @ http://www.tsgaming.com/ Go to the Resigter Tab and fill the information to be in our system for future events

Fighting Game League is having a Online Tournament in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. We are looking for the first 32 people to enter in this online tourney, the others who dont get in will be within the next online tourney.

Here are the rules:

Rules For the Online Tournament For Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition:

  • MUST live in the Tri-state area(Meaning from New York,New Jersey,Pennsylvania,& Connecticut)
  • MUST make or have a PayPal account(Which is free at http://www.paypal.com/us)
  • Tournament style rules, with 3 rounds for each match.
  • Single Elimination Bracket.
  • All characters are usable.
  • MUST have Super Street Fighter 4 Aracde Edition.
  • This tournament will be on the Xbox360 console.
  • Character lock is on, so pick wisely on who is going to be played the whole time through.
  • Grand Finals will be 2/3 matches.

Other Information:

  • The Online event will be streamed on http://www.justin.tv/fight​inggameleague.
  • The first 32 people who register for the tournament will be in, if you dont make it there is always
    next time in future events.
  • FREE online event. Don’t have to pay at all
  • Follow us on Justin.tv or Twitch Tv or Twitter or our Email to always be informed of our events.

Prizes for the winners:

1st Place winner gets $75.00
2nd Place gets: Arcade Stick

Plus, all competitors will be seeded and discounted when the in-person live tournament is held by TSGaming