[Aug 24, 2012] Mid-West's Best (Columbus, Ohio)


[LEFT]This is a weekly event![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Entree Fee: $5[/LEFT]
Cool Prizes!!!

-Blazblue: Continuum Shift II- Xbox 360
-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3- Xbox 360
-Mortal Kombat- Xbox 360
[LEFT]-Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition- PlayStation 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-King of Fighters XIII- PlayStation 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Future Games[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Soul Calibur 5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Double elimination[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Best 2 of 3 matches, Grand Finals best 3 of 5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]There will be no stream…But there definately will be in the future.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Please respect the Venue and its staff[/LEFT]

Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!
Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!

Hey JRGamer you should come checkout the Columbus fighting game scene some time. We meet at MOMO2 every Wednesday night 5pm to midnight.
Also check out our thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/columbus-oh-made-you-look-avi/77501page-182

Not sure if I will be able to make your tournament but I am going to try. Also is there a cash payout for top placers or is it just prizes.

Also: we have a face book group you should post your tournament there.


can we get free tattoos if we win


I want a belly button piercing.


lol No free tattoos…but if you win a tourney…u can use that money to get a tattoo or piercing


What kind of money? Might want to let players know ahead of time so they know if its worth their time to come. Just sayin.


Cash…Depending on how many people come…1st and second place winners get cash prizes


so there is no bonuses?


what do you mean bonuses?


Sorry just now saw this.

But you want to give players incentives to come to your tourney, so the #1 way to do so is put more money in the pot for the winners. Give them more to play for, and a reason to be at your event. :slight_smile: