[Aug 24, 2012] MLG Raleigh Skullgirls & VIrtua Fighter 5 Exhibition Aug 24-25th (Raleigh, NC)


Virtua Fighter 5 & Skullgirls Raleigh Exhibition

· Exhibitions will be held all day Friday and Saturday
· Each title will have $2000 in prizing
· All spectators and competitors can participate
· Beat the Streak

o Each match will consist of 3 Best-of-Three games
o Players will face new competitors until they are defeated
o Players who lose must give up their seat to the next competitor. Players may reenter the Exhibition as many times as they like.
o On Saturday, the two longest streaks will play on the main stage
o Finals match of each exhibition will be broadcast live on stream

More info here:

I realize a lot of you have made arrangements to commit to other events due to the time table of this announcement. With that said we will be offering a free stream that weekend and I hope everyone will at least tune it to watch the finals and support this game. Thanks