[Aug 25, 2012] Arcade Legacy OSO 6 *Cincinnati, OH* UMVC3, P4A, Vampire, Starfox... (Cincinnati, OH)


OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT is back for the sixth time at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, OH! Besides the classic OSO tournament, we will be having a couple other old school tournament games - SUPER DODGE BALL (NES) and Starfox 64 (4-player battle royale style). In addition, we will be having a few more tournaments in the evening. Persona 4 Arena. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Vampire Savior. People’s Choice (VF5FS).

If you are unfamiliar with how OSO is run, read on. Instead of essentially one big mystery game fighting tournament, each individual match is a different game as opposed to each round in a standard mystery tournament. That means you will see upwards of 50 different classic, horrible, hilarious and sometimes almost unplayable old school fighting games. I am constantly trying to obtain obscure fighting games, so there is always new stuff. This is ANYONE’S game. No one really has the upper hand here because no one really plays these games anymore or ever did in most cases. Only those who have come to previous OSO tournaments may have seen or played any of these games once or twice. That’s the beauty of OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT.

**RESULTS **: later of course

**STREAM: **www.twitch.tv/arcadelegacy


DATE: August 25th, 2012

OSO 5 starts at 1pm. 70/20/10 pot split. If more than 30 entrants, there will be a $50 POT BONUS!
Super Dodge Ball. Starts at 3pm. SINGLE ELIM. Grand finals is 2/3 matches. The rest are a single match
Starfox 64 starts at 4pm. DOUBLE ELIM. 4-player Battle Royale. First two to 3 wins advance.

UMVC3 is at 4pm. 70/20/10 split. Played on PS3/XBOX360. - run by NeonGeon
Persona 4 Arena is at 7pm. 70/20/10 split. PS3/XBOX360. - run by
**Vampire Savior **is at 7pm. 70/20/10 split. arcade. - run by ailerus Actionhank
People’s Choice (Virtua Fighter 5 FS) is at 5pm. 70/20/10 split. - run by DRAGO

Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45240

$8 venue if you come for OSO. $10 if you come later for only the fighting tourneys (includes FREE PLAY all day on our 60+ arcade machines)
$7 to enter the OSO tournament (also includes Super Dodge Ball, Starfox 64 and the TBA tournaments)
$5/person for the SSFIV, UMvC3, VS and VF5FS

One person for each match will randomly pick a card that has the game to be played written on it. Best 3 out 5 for each game including all finals. That’ll give you a few matches to get good at the game quickly. No character is banned. If you know enough about any of these games to infinite someone, you deserve to win. Double Elimination. The pot will be split 70/20/10 + the $50 pot bonus to the winner if we get 30+ people! You can bring your own controller if you have one for these systems, but we will have pads available and some sticks. A few of the games will be on arcade machines. Keeping with OSO tradition, the FINAL MATCH will be on a game that very few, if any, of you guys have seen or played so the playing field will be fairly level.

Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!
Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, and Northern Kentucky: I have the best Wesker!

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Please vote for the PEOPLE’S CHOICE tournament game. The choices are AE2012, VF5FS, SCV or KOFXIII. Voting will be open for two weeks.

Also, I need volunteers to run games. Run one game and get half off admission. Run two and get free admission.


I’ll run marvel like usual Jesse.

Can’t wait, I love oso


Okay just realized this is the same weekend as Summer Jam, nevermind. orz


i’ll be there.

to human rocket punch keith.


I work until 1 on Saturdays so me being in the OSO is out of the question unless I take off that day.


You’ve just solved your own problem. Take off that day. OR, how long would it take you to get here from work? I could hold off on your matches for a little bit.


I vote for KOFXIII.


Please run vampire and persona at 7:30 TIA


How is the voting for the People’s choice Jesse? I also volunteer to run at least one of the games.


I should be there sometime during that day for OSO. I’ll see everybody there. :tup:


VF5 wins the vote and is now an official game at OSO6. I’ll put you down to run that Phil.

Zach, I’ll push P4 to 7pm. I’ll just hold off your matched until you arrive.


Nice. No problems with running the VF bracket either.

I’ll bring my set-up too if required.


Please bring the setup Phil. We will need it. That goes for anyone else who can bring something. Definitely always need systems or at least games.


OSO is this week! Can’t wait to see if I’ve still got it at Super Dodge Ball. I still need volunteers to run P4A and VS. Anyone?


If you absolutely can’t find anyone, Jesse, I’ll run one of those games while I’m doing normal arcade work things.


I can run one if you need me to. My car is fixed and stuff so i’m in 100%.


Thanks Nick and Nathan. I’ll put you down Nick and I will let you know Nathan.


Hey Jesse, my car broke down again and now I have to pay a bunch of money to get it fixed on Saturday so I won’t be able to run brackets as I’m not going to be there. Sorry and fuck motor vehicles.