[Aug 25, 2012] ARK V! Feat. UVG Noel B, EG Ricky O, and EG JWong (Jacksonville, AR 72076)


Presented by Game Zone Alpha and the Arkansas Fighting Game Network
PLEASE preregister at www.arktourney.com/registration to save money!

Credit to ARK Supwichu

[LEFT]Updates 8-24-12:[/LEFT]

  • Now featuring UVG Noel Brown, EG Ricky Ortiz, and EG Justin Wong!
  • Updated the schedule and emailed pool assignments. If you have not received yours, let me know.
  • Use Promo Code “ARK V” until Monday to save 20% off on The Traveling Circus
  • Tune in to the stream to win 8 Bit Sheek Swag!
  • We are offering “Home Court Advantage” Money Match Bonuses against UVG Noel Brown (Marvel), EG Ricky Ortiz (AE), and EG Justin Wong (AE and Marvel). Be the first person from the South to beat them in a money match on stream during the afterparty (at least FT3/$20) and win an additional $50 from us!
  • We are also offering Sniper Bonuses against UVG Noel Brown (Marvel), EG Ricky Ortiz (AE), and EG Justin Wong (AE and Marvel). Be the person from the South to knock them into Loser’s in the tournament and win $10. Knock them out of the tournament and win $20!


Our previous tournament, A.R.K. (Arkansas Regional Knockouts) IV, had almost 200 people, over $4000 in total pots, and special guests EG Justin Wong and MRN Marn! A.R.K. V is gearing up to be bigger and better. Our goal with this tournament is to feature the best that the South has to offer. Not only are we trying to showcase the best players in the region, we are also displaying the talent that the South has in other areas. Interrupted Gaming and Boom Gorillas are collaborating to do the A.R.K. V tournament stream. The after-party will be a live broadcast of PandaxGaming’s Pandagon. In addition, almost all of the local tournament organizers and their communities will be in attendance including players from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, and several other states.

Please join us, get blasted, and hopefully win some big money! We are expecting approximately 200 people to be here and total prizes to equal about $5000!

If you have any problems/questions/concerns, feel free to contact me. To do so, please post here, PM me, email me at email@arfgn.com, or call/text me at 512 522 8563, which will forward calls to my phone. You can also send me a message on Facebook or on Twitter (@ARKTourney).

**Date: **
August 25-26, 2012 (Schedule below)

**Location: **
Game Zone Alpha
620 West Main Street
Jacksonville, AR 72076
Game Zone Alpha - 620 West Main St. in Jacksonville, AR

Games Played:

  • Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012 (360) - $600 Bonus Pot!
  • Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (360) - $600 Bonus Pot!
  • Persona 4 Arena (360) - $200 Bonus Pot!
  • King of Fighters XIII (360)
  • Street Fighter X Tekken (360)
  • Skullgirls (PS3)
  • Soul Calibur V (PS3)
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS3)
  • Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)

*Controller Users: We encourage people to bring their own pads and converters. However, if you are without a converter, we will have a limited amount of converters that do all of the following PS2 --> 360 / PS2 --> PS3 / 360 --> PS3 (does NOT do PS3 --> 360) available to buy at $10 each.


  • $20 Entrance Fee with online registration. $30 Entrance Fee at the venue. Spectators get in FREE
    *Online Registration is available at www.arktourney.com/registration. It will close August 18th at midnight. Pools assignments will be posted on here within a few days after online registration closes.
  • $10 Per Tournament Pot Fee. Note- There will be a $10 Late Fee if you arrive after registration ends
  • $15 for an ARK V shirt. We will have a very limited run available, so first come first served.
  • $10 for an ARK IV shirt (Limited availability)
  • $1 Per Raffle Ticket - Prizes will include (but are not limited to) swag from our sponsors. Proceeds from our raffle will go towards Child’s Play Charity, the Forest Sharp Memorial Fund, and an anonymous victim of armed robbery. Forest Sharp was an aspiring Oklahoma T.O. who was killed in a car crash. The memorial fund will go towards erecting a gravestone for his grave.

ALL tournament pots fees will be collected for each game and split 70/20/10. All bonus pots will be split evenly among Top 3 finishers.

Schedule Of Events:
Preliminary Schedule (Subject to Change):
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM: On-Site Registration and Setup
12:30 PM – 2:15 PM: AE Pool 1; P4A Pool 1; BB:CSX
2:15 PM – 4:00 PM: AE Pool 2; P4A Pool 2
4:00 PM – 5:45 PM: AE Pool 3; UMvC3 Pool 1; MK9
5:45 PM – 7:30 PM: AE Pool 4; UMvC3 Pool 2;
7:30 PM – 9:15 PM: P4A Pool 3; UMvC3 Pool 3; KoF 13
9:15 PM – 11:00 PM: P4A Pool 4; UMvC3 Pool 4;

*The schedule was designed so that any player could hypothetically enter every tournament on this day and have only one game to report to at any specific time.

Afterparty (~Midnight)
There will be an after-party following Saturday’s events. Money matches, grudge matches, side tournaments, and team battles will be taking place all night and most/all of it will be streamed by PandaxGaming so don’t get blown up! For a list of money matches arranged for the after-party, as well as a list of those currently accepting offers please see “Money Matches” below.

12:00 PM – 2 PM: SCV; SFxT, SG
2:00 PM - End: Top 8 for P4A, AE, UMvC3

Stream Schedule (Also Subject to Change):
12:30 PM - 5:15 PM - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012
5:15 PM - 11:00 PM - Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

2:00 PM - End: P4A Top 8; AE Top 8; UMvC3 Top 8

DaRabidDuckie’s Modding Services:
Modder DaRabidDuckie is Open for Business at A.R.K. V! If you are interested in getting a mod, please post here so he’ll have adequate parts! He will be doing dual mods (PS3 <-> 360) as well as RJ45 mods on site. If you want Dreamcast or PS2 cables, with your mod, let him know so that he can stock up! If, for some reason, he does not have time to mod your stick at our tournament, he can take it and send it back to you at an additional cost.Here is his information including prices and pictures of his previous works! Support a great local modder!
*DaRabidDuckie will be in Arkansas several days before A.R.K. V to mod sticks for those who come early.

Money “Grudge” Matches:
Planned Money Matches for the after-party:

  • ARK SmokeMaxx vs Kyoji24 - FT5 - $20
  • PxG SolidxPanda vs Mattikus - FT5 - $20
  • ARK SmokeMaxX vs Matthew - FT5 - $20
  • ARK SmokeMaxX vs Ryan Unlimited - FT5 - $20
  • PxG SolidxPanda vs. Mattikus - FT3 - Stick Match
  • ARK SmokeMaxX vs Omega Bomber - FT3 - $20

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • ARK SmokeMaxX vs Lord Jas - FT5 - $20
  • ARK SmokeMaxX vs Matthew - FT5 - $20
  • ARK SmokeMaxX vs FTR_Tboykin - FT5 - $10

Feel free to post these at your gaming centers/campuses/etc. Tell your friends. We are trying to build a community and make this big. You can help!

Stream Links:
Main Stream: Interrupted Gaming! By RawkusX Feat. Boom Gorillas!
Afterparty: PandaxGaming

Facebook Group and Event Page:
Arkansas Fighting Game Network
ARK V Facebook Event Page


Please request housing ASAP. Arkansas is very accommodating, but our housing fills up fast. If you let us know, we will do our best to find a place for you to crash.


The Traveling Circus, Verizon, Funimation, Gamer Grub, Rebel Son Management & Entertainment, and 8-Bit Sheek.

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Rules/Formats: Rules are tournament standard. Most follow the Evo ruleset as closely as possible. There are a few exceptions (i.e. SFxT).

Universal Rules:


[details=Spoiler]- Double elimination brackets

  • Double-Blind Select can always be chosen to begin a match.
  • Winner keeps same character. Loser can always change characters.
  • Bring Your Own Controller: While there will probably be many players willing to lend you a controller/stick, there is NO guarantee. You WILL be disqualified if you cannot start the match within the allotted time.
  • Button mapping and converters ARE allowed while turbo is NOT.
  • There will be ZERO tardiness tolerance. If you do not report to your match within a reasonable amount of time, you WILL be forfeited.
  • There will be ZERO stank tolerance. If you did not shower, we will SPRAY YOU DOWN. Deodorant of choice is Old Spice.
  • All players are required to notify staffers of the results of their match.
  • Wireless sticks/pads/remotes will be allowed. However, we require that you pull out your battery when you are not playing to avoid disrupting tournament matches. If you disrupt other people’s matches, you risk forfeiting your next match.
  • Every person is responsible for the functionality of their controller. A “button check” may (and should) be asked for prior to every match.
  • Pausing or restarting the game/match for any reason, except with the consent of the opponent will result in a forfeit of that particular game/round (whichever is smaller). This includes battery/controller problems.
  • All disputes will be handled by the tournament organizers. T.O.s must be notified soon after disputes occur. All decisions are final. [/details]
    Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012 (360)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
Games are 99 seconds; best 2/3 rounds
Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games
Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games
Winner may change Ultra choice[/details]
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (360)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
ALL sets are best 3/5
Simple Mode and Auto Super Jump: OFF
DLC Characters: ALLOWED
BANNED: Any glitch which prohibits gameplay. All else ALLOWED
As per the official Evolution ruleset, winner must SELECT the same team and order, but may hold down an assist button during the loading screen of the game to switch order.[/details]
Persona 4 Arena (360)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
Games are best 2/3 rounds
Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games
Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games
Navigators: OFF[/details]
King of Fighters XIII (360)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
Games are 60 seconds; best 2/3 rounds
Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games
Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games
DLC Characters: ALLOWED
Winners must keep same teams, but can switch team order[/details]
Street Fighter X Tekken (360)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
Games are 99 seconds; best 2/3 rounds
Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games
Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games
1v1, Gems OFF[/details]
SkullGirls (PS3)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
Games are 99 seconds; best 2/3 rounds
Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games
Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games[/details]
Soul Calibur V (PS3)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
Games are 60 seconds; best 3/5 rounds
ALL Matches are best 3/5 games
Stage selection is random select
Custom Characters: BANNED
Viola back throw infinite and back throw resets: BANNED
For clarifications of this, please refer to the official 8WayRun rule set.[/details]
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS3)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
Games are 99 seconds; best 2/3 rounds
Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games
Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games
Beginner Mode: OFF
All DLC characters ALLOWED
Unlimited Characters in BlazBlue BANNED
DLC Characters ALLOWED[/details]
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)


[details=Spoiler]Default Settings
Games are 99 seconds; best 2/3 rounds
Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games
Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games
No game-altering Kombat Kodes (leads to restart of game)
Banned: Kratos, Kratos’ Stage, The Street Stage, Hell Stage, Wastelands Stage
Usage of anything banned leads to a RESTART of the game[/details]
Additional Details:


[details=Spoiler]We encourage everybody to bring any and all equipment if possible. This will speed up tournaments and help everything run more smoothly.

We encourage all people to keep their sticks/controllers/battery packs on-hand at all times as we are not responsible for missing equipment.

Photography of the event and recording of matches is allowed and even encouraged. However, flash photography is not allowed during matches, due to obvious concerns of distraction.

All tournaments will either be on CRTs or community-tested “lagless” monitors (most likely the ASUS VH236H or VH238H).

We appreciate everybody that travels and we know that players are just looking for competition. If you inform us of your party, we will do our best to ensure that you do not play each other in the opening round of the bracket (location-based seeding).

Tournament brackets will be created with Tio Tournament Organizer, seeded, and (if time permits) transferred to Challonge. Links to the brackets will be posted (if Challonge is used).

Attendees are encouraged to participate in multiple tournaments. Pools were created and separated so that you can enter all tournaments.

Results will be posted within 48 hours following the event. Pictures, brackets, standings, and pay-out will all be posted accordingly. [/details]


Awesome. I can’t wait! XD

Who wants dual mods?




Hope to see a 3sOE tourney this year


Unlikely due to how many games have come out between the last ARK and this one. We literally don’t have time to run a tourney for 3S. You coming? We might be able to do a side tourney for it during the afterparty on Sat.


Ah, yes… the hypothetical afterparty. Still theoretically going on since ARK III.


No worries. We’ll actually have one this time. I got this on a tight schedule and I’m probably not going to be entering any tournies.


Next time I talk to the Shreveport guys in person I’ll bring this up. I’m hoping we can get a few cars to this just like Cinderslam. Maybe Vu and Rodman will be able to make it to this one, though.


Sounds great. Vu came to our last one as well as a ton of other LA guys. Hoping to see more of you! Won’t be as free as Cinderslam though. Trust me!


I don’t doubt that. :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything, this will be the tournament I expect to get beat up at, now. :smiley:


My team of Shadoloo troops look forward to this event!!!


Is it August yet?


Is your Tron ready?


No… no its not. >_>



Hate to say it, but it’s not likely there will be a Mystery Game Tourney this time around. So much stuff to cram into the weekend, so little time to actually run the truly hype part of the weekend.

Safe to say I will have all of my kusoge on hand if people want casuals. :smiley:


any KOF players in ARK?


A few. Nothing serious right now. There might be a bonus pot for KOF though. Not sure yet.


I hope its a bonus pot for KOF bro


Is Justin Wong going to be there again this time?