[Aug 25, 2012] FFA SoCal SSF4 Arcade Edition Ranbats! (Granada Hills, Ca)


Hey guys, we’re starting up Ranbats again!

Game: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Platform: Arcade
Date: Saturday, June 18th
Start Time: 4pm Registration, 5pm Start time
End Time: 9-10pm (Estimated)
Location: Family Fun Arcade, 10363 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA
Phone: (818) 360-0419
Fees: $5 per person (you must still pay the machine to play [25c])
Prizes: 70/20/10% of Registration Pot for 1st/2nd/3rd Place

-This is a Double-Elimination tournament, best 2 of 3 games per match. If you lost your first match, YOU ARE STILL IN.
-All characters (Evil Ryu/Oni included) are legal.
-Games are 2/3 rounds, 99 Timer.
-Winning player must keep the same character within the same match. Opponent may counter-pick.
-Winning player may switch ultra, but must allow opponent to counter-pick his ultra.
-Double-blind character selection available upon request for the first game per match.
-No restriction on infinite combos or characters. Glitches are allowed if they do not crash (soft-crash or hard-crash) the game.
-Sudden Death: In the event of a tie, BOTH players will take a loss. If it comes down to the final match for both players, then a Sudden Death blind-pick single game will determine the outcome.
-Controller Failure: If you suspect your arcade controls of malfunctioning, immediately raise your hands to halt the match. You **may not retroactively **call control failure after a round or match has finished. This will be penalized as a Forfeiture if abused to gain an advantage in a match.
-DQ/Forfeiture: If you cause interference during a match (due to physical distraction), you are subject to forfeiture of the round. If it is deemed intentional, you may be subject to a two-round forfeiture or outright disqualification.
-Cover-My-Ass-Clause: In case of a dispute that is covered by this ruleset, final decision will be made by a judge. In the case of an event not covered by this ruleset, all decisions made by judges are final.

Season Format:
1.1: June 18th
1.2: July 2nd
1.3: July 16th
1.4: August 13th
1.5: August 27th
1.6: September 10th

Thanks in advance for all the video work StriderZer0 is doing for us. He’s got setups for hopefully a direct feed with a live stream, and a camera for crowd reactions!

We’ve also possibly got a donation for a grand prize for the full Ranbat season. I won’t announce it until I’ve got confirmation, but if it comes through, it will be very cool!

All dates may be subject to change with or without notice. If something does change I’ll try and post up as soon as possible.


I’ll keep track of all results here, as well as on our website: FFA-United.com

We held a warm-up tournament on June 4th, that will be posted here, but the winners weren’t rewarded points.

I’ll also be keeping track of who’s the best player for each character cumulative throughout the tournament season (This is just for fun, there’s no reward for this, except that you get your name published for that character :encore:).

Results (1.0):
1st Place: Hugo101 [Dictator]
2nd: Gootecks [Boxer, Rose]
3rd: Vicious [Yun]
4th: Ricky P. [Guy, Yang, E. Ryu]
6th: Joe Dubbs [Dudley, Sagat, Zangief]
6th: Commander Jesse [Sakura, Chun-Li]
8th: HYC Hellfyre [Ken]
8th: E. Elvis [Rose, Akuma]
12th: Van [Gen]
12th: Fafulatalufa [Sakura, Yun]
12th: K-Wheelie [Dictator]
12th: Evil T. Hawk [T. Hawk]
16th: Sanchez [Ken]
16th: Doomsday [Dictator, Sagat]
16th: Antony [Blanka]
16th: Tekken Tim [Seth]
24th: Brittania [Chun-Li, DeeJay]
24th: Unprotected Sex [Rufus]
24th: Chago [Cammy]
24th: Crowniecrown [Chun-Li]
24th: AJ [Yun]
24th: Cherry Skarlet [Ryu, E. Ryu]
24th: ZItRO [Dictator, Cody]
24th: xxxassassin666 [Ryu]

Best Players per Character:
Abel: -
Adon: -
Akuma: E. Elvis
Blanka: Antony
Boxer: Gootecks
C. Viper: -
Cammy: Chago
Chun-Li: Cmr. Jesse
Claw: -
Cody: ZItRO
Dan: -
DeeJay: Brittania
Dhalsim: -
Dictator: Hugo101
Dudley: Joe Dubbs
E. Honda: -
El Fuerte: -
Evil Ryu: Ricky P.
Fei Long: -
Gen: Van
Gouken: -
Guile: -
Guy: Ricky P.
Hakan: -
Ibuki: -
Juri: -
Ken: HYC HellFyre
Makoto: -
Oni: -
Rose: Gootecks
Rufus: Unprotected Sex
Ryu: Cherry Skarlet
Sakura: Cmr. Jesse
Sagat: Joe Dubbs
Seth: Tekken Tim
T. Hawk: Evil T. Hawk
Yang: Ricky P.
Yun: Vicious
Zangief: Joe Dubbs


Anyone want a 2v2 or a 3v3 in about 2-3 weeks? Post your thoughts of it.


here is a playlist for the
Warmup tournament

RanBat 1.1


So no Mortal Kombat?


Hey, im gonna go, so yeah.