[Aug 25, 2012] Gamestop presents SFIV: Arcade Edition tournament! (Houston, TX)


Gamestop presents SFIV: Arcade Edition tournament!!!

Where: 3003 West Holcombe Blvd Houston TX 77025 Gamestop

When: September 3rd, 2011 2PM-6PM


  1. All controllers are legal (PS3 and pad)
  2. Game setup

• Rounds per match: 5
• Matches: 3
• Time Per Round: 99s
• All characters allowed (including unlocked)
• Best of 3

  1. All characters are allowed.
  2. All levels are allowed and if stage isn’t agreed upon in 15 seconds the stage will be chosen at random.

Number to call: 713-201-8338 (Sync/Austin Bastida-Ramos tournament organizer) or 713-349-8137 (Gamestop 566)


Do you know what time it starts?


It starts at 2PM. I’ll edit the OP


Thanks, I know there was a tournament on September 3rd but I just notice it said September 10th. Will there another SSFIVAE tourney this Saturday? Thanks in advance.


is this ps3 only


Is this every saturday?


wish i knew about this earlier… plz post in TX thread next time!




Man I would at least try to go if I didn’t have to work tomorrow… Sucks that I work so close too (MD Anderson).


This is a re-occuring thread but NO TOURNEY. Just called, nice guy, he’ll take this thread down.