[Aug 25, 2012] Pool Hall brawl II Syracue NY UMVC3, AE2012, and SCV (Syracuse, NY)


Welcome to UPSTATE!
upstate fighting and premium billiards will be holding weekly Tournaments for you guys.
so the break down is this … every 1st and 2nd Thursday and 3rd Saturday of every month. come out for some video games and pool
the games will be UMVC3 and MARVEL and SCV

Thursdays doors open at 7:30 pm and will run thru midnight
Saturdays: doors open at 730 pm till 2 am

come support the community!!

venue: Premium Billiards
228 Chapel Drive Syracuse , NY 13219
(315) 488-4888
Games: Marvel, AE2012, and Soul cal 5

$5 house fee
$5 for each game

Soul Cal 5
Pot pay out 60%, 30%, 10%

  1. Double Elimination
  2. Random Bracket
  3. Matches will be best of 5
  4. Winners/ losers/ and Grand Finals will be best of 5
  5. Winner must keep Character. Loser can change character.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012
Pot pay out 60%, 30%, 10%

  1. Double Elimination
  2. Random Bracket
  3. Matches will be best of 3
  4. Winners/ losers/ and Grand Finals will be best of 5
  5. Winner must keep Character. Loser can change character

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Pot pay out 60%, 30%, 10%

  1. Double Elimination
  2. Random Bracket
  3. Matches will be best of 3
  4. Winners/Loser/Grand Finals will be best of 5
  5. Winner must keep same team order and assist types. Loser can change team, order and assist types

Albany, NY - We get the cops called for mashing so hard!
Binghamton University (SUNY) Main Campus players
Wake up Rochester!

:eek: Oh yez.


i better see you there Yannick, Harry and i will be!


:eek: Infinite pressure to show up now.



do itttt! Maybe there will be side tourn of Blazblue :open_mouth:


:eek: I haven’t gotten EXTEND yet, so I need to practice.

Rape train inc


I have not either, UPS messed up the order to my game stop =/, i will hopefully get it later today. Yes rape train. lol


hmm can rochester help with station and tvs?


:eek: Shoutouts incoming when I wake up.


:eek: Okay, we’re in there. Time to show some love~

Shoutouts to Syracuse! You all are too fun and it’s an honor and a pleasure having you guys as a neighboring city. I always light up when anyone says anything with Syracuse in it, and going there? Forget about it. Too good, keep it up.

Shoutouts to Dave and Damus for keepin it real. Gotta work with what you got…believe me, I know. Good stuff holding it down in pretty much every game! Madddd respect. Kinda super sad we didn’t get to play SC, but we’ll get to play next time. Speaking of which…

Shoutouts to SOOOOOULKYALIBAH! This game is madd fun and the people who play it are TOO chill. I didn’t even know ZTS had a Calibur game. I might have to make some surprise trips to Syracuse to play you guys more. :smiley:

Shoutouts to DA PHANNOM a.k.a. THE PHANTOM. GGs, my dude, I wanted to play you after the tournament again to see what I could do. You definitely know your stuff! One of my boys out here is playin 'Mitsu so I’ll need to keep a look out for the mixupssss.

“Yo, man…they made Aeon a beast.”

“Get it? …Because…he’s actually a beast…”

“…? Oh, yeah…ha ha.”

Shoutouts to IRON MAN a.k.a. Dan da MAN wit da PLAN. Yo, that Chameleon? It was a wrap; you combined that AND BLAZBLUE? I think I found my Veritas. GGs in Calibur, I’m gonna be playing you more often–gotta get my step game up! Yo, you gotta get in on this BlazBr00, son! Speaking of which…

“It depends. Where you tryna go? Do you wanna leave that in my hands? I gotchu.”

Shoutouts to the most fun fighter BRAYZABREW. We were getting madd hype in our corner, but I won’t apologize for the noise because WE LOVE THIS GAME! I also happened to be invincible last night, so nobody was gonna end the hype anytime soon. For anyone who has yet to play this game, I hope you would…EXTEND a hand out to it…it will respond to you!


“I know I know I know!”

Shoutouts to MARVELLLLLLLLLLLL for being so random even DAMUS can win OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ololololol just playing Damus, much love. You know your :h: makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :smiley:

Yo, shoutouts to Syracuse’s SF crew for being terrible enough to let Bernard win. KNOW YOUR SHAME YOU BAD BAD PLAYERS

Speaking of Bernard, shoutouts to Mike a.k.a. Snowman a.k.a. BadDecisionsman. Thanks for getting us there and back safely! Please be better prepared next time or at least let me know beforehand if you need anything (LIKE SLEEP UGH) You know I <3 you and no I haven’t forgotten about punching you I was in a very caring mood yesterday so you lucked out.

Shoutouts to Alex and Harrison and Zach. G’est of Gs in BlazBlue, man. Game is too fun. Harrison been poppin off since goodnessknownwhen, so I had to get Beyonce to help me UPGRADE this fool. I would run BlazBlue sides at the monthlies, but people won’t play…we will deff get games in at them, though! Yo, keep it real, ladies, this game is SO FUN! You know I <3 you all, the trash talk was all love and HARRISONDESERVEDEVERYSECONDOFIT. Can you reach the peak of the mountain known as…ME?!

Shoutouts to the dude who learned how to make his first Long Island last night. You packed it with too many goodies, LOL. There was absolutely no iced tea in that glass, man!

Shoutouts to the weather. You could have been worse. Respect.

Shoutouts to the haters. Someone has to want you around, so it might as well be me!

Shoutouts to the lovers. Your appreciation is only met AT LEAST in kind, and you definitely have my full support whenever you need anything.

Shoutouts to Cole for not answering my texts. Just checkin up on ya, man. Hope you’re doing well.

Shoutouts to my ROC dudes who couldn’t make it (we had about six more on top of the six of us who actually came). It’s kinda good you didn’t come because then people woulda been playin each other first round and then there would have been whining and then there would have been TOO MANY FOLKS and then it would have gotten way too stuffy and YO UGHHHH.

Shoutouts to the dudes watching Friday After Next with me in at the counter YO LOL. I am coming back to these just for the chill staff, that one chill dude (“YO WHO WAS WATCHING SAY YES TO THE DRESS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”), and these facilities and BAR AND LASER TAG? Ugh, I wanna go back next weekend just thinking about it. By the way, GET AT THESE FCKIN CHEESEBURGERS. Gyatlyke!

That’s it for me, ladies. I had TOO MUCH FUN and got to really let loose for a change, so I really wanna come back to these. For everyone that came from Syracuse, please come out again and get your buddies to come out. They don’t even have to enter the tournament, they just have to come out and support their local scene; it makes all the difference. For everyone that came from Rochester, OH SNAP HOLD UP

Shoutouts to PAUL a.k.a. THE GREAT WHITE HOPE and Nam a.k.a. The Killah from Manilla a.k.a. STARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I hope you guys had a safe trip back and it’s ALWAYS A PLEASURE seeing you guys. Nam on that warpath in Marvel and Paul is out here pleasing MADD SKRULL QUEENS. Paul, you need to get on this SCV, mannnnnnnnnnn~ Nam, PLEASECOMEBACKTOBLAZBLUEITMISSESYOUIPROMISE. Do I need to get back on this HoN train, though? I been itchin to give these kids da HAMMASMACK. Shoutouts to Blake, I had no idea you were from Rochester, d00d! You play Blaz, SCV, or even Marvel (fuck it, I’m in there), just holler anytime and I’ll play. ALWAYS good to play new people and I’ll definitely see you around!

Right, where was I, yeah, dudes from Rochester GOOD STUFF (except Bernard) and hope you all had safe trips back. I hope this has convinced you all to make these a regular occurrence. I’m now blocking off the third Saturday of every month on my calendar for the evenings just because these are so fun. I’mma try to get Paco, Foy, and David to come out to these and we should try to get Terrence and maybe even Luis to come as well. Rei and his finaceé want to come next time as well. Rochester is ROLLING DEEP in this…WHATCHU GOT SYRACUSE?!

Aight, I’m out. PAYCE!