[Aug 25, 2012] Sodium Overload 2, May 5th 2012, South Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)


So with the success of our first Sodium Overload tournament back in January 2012, I am happy to announce and let you guys know about Sodium Overload 2.

This tournament will take place on the 5th of May 2012, it will be held at Brigthwater Commons in Randburg. The event will consist of 3 tournaments on the day, Tekken 6, SoulCalibur V and Street Fighter x Tekken. There will also be an exhibition match for a 5v5 JHB vs CPT Tekken 6. GetHype managed to raise some funds from previous tournament to help put towards bringing down the best Tekken 6 players from Cape Town.

All tournaments will be run on a double elimination setup. We will have AWX vouchers, Fightsticks, Lord Prawn Vouchers, 6 copies of EA’s SSX title and bags of salt up for grabs :slight_smile:

Here is our first attempt at a launch trailer, hope you guys like it and gets some hype going for the event lots of effort was put into it.

More details will follow on our website, www.gethype.co.za


First vid is up

Tekken 6 Grand Finals, more too come:



Our SoulCalibur V and SFxT grand finals