[Aug 25, 2012] SUMMER JAM 6 (Path of The Storm) 8/25--8/26 Philadelphia pa. No... (Philadelphia pa)


GVN Summer Jam 6, August 25th and 26th 2012. Over $3000 in cash and prizes., RIGHT HERE in Philadelphia, PA at the beautiful Sheraton Suites Hotel.


Sheraton Suites Hotel

4101A Island Avenue,

Philadelphia, PA 19153

(215) 492-0400


*Located 2 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Hotel discount link for Aloft Hotel: $95 a night before taxes


Online Venue Registration


Online registration for GVN Summer Jam VI is now available. Currently, we are only taking registration for the event; sign-ups for games are not available at this time. We will have a new system set up for our next event.

Online registration is $25 plus a $1.50 tax, and registration ends August 19th, 2012.

GVN Summer Jam 6 T-shirts



There will be a $25.00 online venue fee, $35 at the door

Spectator fee is $20. You pay that at the door.

Door registration starts at 8am, both days.

Contact Information:



Eric “Big E” Small




Robert “FightClub” Hubbs




Big E Gaming


Gaming Vision Network

Namco Bandai Games






Team Sp00ky (Summer Jam 6 main stream) - http://iplaywinner.com/

8wayrun (Summer Jam 6 second stream) - http://www.8wayrun.com




Raffle Giveaway:

We will be raffling off various prizes to be won throughout Summer Jam. You must purchase a ticket in order to win. Tickets are $5 each.


Pot Bonus:

There will be a pot bonus for the following games:

AE 2012 – $500+

Umvc3 – $500+

P4U – $250+

Vf5 – $250+ if it hits 64 players bonus will Double.

More to come.

Time Table


It should be no surprise to everyone that has attended our tournaments over the past couple years that they are constantly growing. With that said it’s becoming increasingly more difficult on ourselves to stick to our time schedule just out of the sheer number of players entering each tournament. Please try to help us out and be on time (especially for the biggest time killer…teams) so we can in exchange provide you a smoother and less chaotic tournament experience.

Main Games:

Soul Calibur 5(PS3)

SSF4AE 2012(PS3)


Mortal Kombat(PS3)

BlazBlu CSEX(Ps3)

Gulty Gear XX AC(ps2)


Virtua Fighter 5 FS(PS3)

Arcana Heart 3(PS3)

Melty Blood (PC)

Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3)

P4U (ps3)

Side Games:

Garou – Neo Geo

Super Turbo - Super Gun
Super Street Fighter II Turbo will be running the USA arcade board at Turbo 2 speed setting through Super Gun setup. Each Super Gun setup accepts PS2 style controls and we will be providing two PS2 arcade sticks and two MadCatz TE style sticks modified with PS2 style cord.

Golden Axe Duel – Sega Saturn

Eternal Champions – Sega CD

Vampire Savior – Arcade

Killer Instinct – Arcade

Mortal Kombat 2 - Arcade

UMK3 - Arcade


Team Tournament games:


AE 2012 – 3v3-- 10:30am – Single elimination till the top 8

MVC3 –3v3—11am - Single Elim till top 8

SfXT - 2v2 - 3pm - single elim till top 4 ( I’m doing this for you guys).

3S – 3v3 – 4pm







Singles Tournaments:

Game – Entry Fee – Start time

SSF4AE2012 – $10.00 -6pm-ps3–$500 bonus pot

Tekken 6 – $10.00 -2pm- ps3

Blazblue CS2 EX – $10.00 -1pm–ps3

Soul Calibur 5 – $10 – 2pm–ps3

KOF XIII – $10 – 3pm-- s3

GGXXAC – $10 – 1pm–ps3

UMVC3 – $10 – 6:30-- ps3–$500 bonus pot

P4U - 1pm - ps3 - $250 bonus pot

Arcana Heart 3 – $10 –2;30pm

MbCC – $10-- 3pm

MK9 – $10 – 4pm



VF5FS - $10 - tba - ps3 - $250

Doa5 - 3:30pm start time, free entry- $500 pot.



After discussions we have decided to waive the tournament entry fee to the Dead or Alive 5 Singles Tournament!

That’s right, it is free to enter the tournament! This does not mean that there will be no prizes to the entrants who place in the tournament. In addition to winning their own copy of Dead or Alive 5’s Collector’s Edition for the system of their choosing when the game releases, there is a pot prize of $500 provided by myself and Erik “Rikuto” Argetsinger to be divided up by the top three of the tournament in a 70/20/10 split.

GVN Sumer Jam 6 and Dead or Alive 5 are going to be hype! I look forward to seeing all new and old competitors looking to try out the most competitive Dead or Alive game to date.


Sunday 8/26/12

SfXTekken --TBD–ps3–$10–1v1

Cont of SS4AE2012 –12pm

Cont of UMVC3 — 12pm

Cont of SC5 – 12pm

Cont of KOF XIII - 12pm

3S — 3pm–ps3

Various Side Tournaments - TBA, check with TO’s

Don’t miss out on this great room Me and Kazi(AG) will have for you guys.


CT Thread | Weekly Thursdays 7pm Fire & Dice Games Milford CT
UMvC3 OTT; Why cant I hold all this salt?
Georgia fighting game scene "Growing our scene is the key "

Much more info coming soon.


I’m in there for 3s! Hope to see everyone there.


Im in there like always. Also can you add Persona 4 to the fighting game list? It comes out August 7th. Its an anime game, people will be playing it.


Eternal Champions … guess I better practice that … lol


I’m taking the crown from Kyle!!! Little bastard is goin down!


gezzzzzzzzzzzzzz u win one tournament and people come at ur head for it lol… im there as always working ST lets GET HYPE !!!


I will be there and I’m bringing 3-5 people with me on the Megabus!
Canada will be there in force.


Thanks homie.


YES!!! Our CT crew of about 8 people will be there


I hope you guys are aware that this year’s Summer Jam is on the same weekend as MLG’s August event. So the MK, KOF and SCV players may go to that instead.


They already know.


Everyone that plays Mk, ScV and kof will not be at MLG let’s keep it real.

And one of those games might be left of the MLG game list at NC.


Thanks homie.


You dont need to ask E!



Thanks Homie.




Can we get Skullgirls in there somehow?

Feel free to drop Melty lol

Skullgirls OTT! -Random select is top tier

Sorry about that SG will be at sj6.

Main game at that.

Skullgirls OTT! -Random select is top tier

I will help with that in any way I can, hell I’ll try and run it if no one else will.