[Aug 27, 2011] 2nd Annual War Games (Wichita, Kansas)

**Venue:**Wichita Technical Institute
**Location:**2051 S Meridian Avenue
**Date:August 27, 2011

Start Time: 10am registration/casuals – Tournament starts at 11am
End time: 6pm for fighting games. Black Ops will run last and may run longer.
Venue Fee: $5
Prices: $5 singles, $15 3v3 Teams

Mortal Kombat
Super Street Fighter IV AE

Tekken 6
Marvel vs Capcom 3
CoD: Black Ops (3v3 only)


[]All games will be run on PS3.
]Mortal Kombat, SSFIV:AE and MvC3 will be 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double elimination unless listed otherwise.
[]Tekken 6 will be 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches
]Top 4 will be 3/5 matches
[]All button checks will be performed before a match starts. If you pause at any time during a match it will count as a loss.
]Winner must stay as their character; loser may switch characters after the match.
[]If you are using a wireless pad, turn it off after every match. Do not press the home button until your controller is plugged in at the next station you will play at. You will be disqualified if your pad interrupts another tournament match, BE CAREFUL.
]Tell the TO if you need to leave the room and give a time frame. If you are late for a tournament match after 5 minutes you will be sent to the loser bracket of that game, if you are already in the loser bracket you will be disqualified.
[*]This rule does not apply for anyone in another tournament match.

Other things

Please bring your own equipment to play on. This includes pads/sticks, usb cords for synching or any other objects you need to play. Borrowing other competitor’s equipment slows the tournament down and may create problems. If you are unable to find a controller for your next match, that is your problem and may face disqualification.

If you would like to bring a PS3 and games to play on, please do so. There will be more than enough monitors, but extra consoles and games will help the tournament run at a faster rate. Unfortunately, there is no venue fee break for bringing a system so it is up to you whether or not you want to bring one in.

I am not the one running this tournament, only posting here. For any questions/comments please call 316-308-4549

Count me in for MvC3. Maybe SSF4:AE. Not sure yet.