[Aug 27, 2011] Atlanta Revival- 8/27/11 Atlanta, Ga. (Atlanta, Ga.)

OKAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The time you all have been waiting for has finally arrived! This Revival is a special Revival. And i’ll tell you why! This is a ALL TEAM TOURNAMENT! There will be no singles at this one. If this goes well, we will bring you this type of Revival quarterly or maybe even bi-monthly. Here is the information that you need.

August 27, 2011

Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW
Atlanta, Ga. 30314

Venue Fee:
$10 for competitor
$5 for spectator


SSF4 AE $30 per team 3v3
MVC3 $30 per team 3v3
MK9 $20 per team 2v2
Arcana Heart 3 $20 per team 2v2
Tekken 6 $10 per team 2v2

Here are the rules for this tourney. There will be no same characters on a team except for MVC3.This is also a team lock/character format as well. No switching will be allowed.This will be a winner stay on format. Each player gets one shot at success. This is a double elimination tourney. winners, losers, and grand finals will ALL be 2 out of 3 matches. This means the team as a whole will have to be defeated.
Now that the introductions are done… LETS GET HYPE!


So it’s pokemon style.

When you say MK9 is 2v2, do you mean it’s 2v2 singles, or tag mode?

sorry i should’ve been more specific about that. it’s 2v2 singles.

3rd strike Online comes out on the same week. Are you gonna run a team tournament for that game?

might just do that

this is definitely hype! can’t wait to spectate!

3S teams!!!

Woa crazy

So do we just pick our teams when we get there? This is gonna be interesting

MK9!?!? I’m Sooooo Hype right now lets go.

3s teams or singles, i can help run it as a side thing…to celebrate 3sonline!

anyone have a converter or an extra ps3 fight pad I could use just for the tournament day?

[SIZE=11px]IN REGARDS TO THE OFFICIAL Atlanta Revival Teams Tournaments Pre-Registration List:[/SIZE]

Alright Ladies & Gentlemen This is how we are doing this.
Team Captians [SIZE=11px](Meaning one representative for the team)[/SIZE]
Post your full name,Your handle, each of your teammates names, there handles then your team name [SIZE=11px]In bold print, only one team name,choose wisely because come saturday the name you’ve Chosen here will be whats on the brackets, no last minute changes because it is time consuming and we really want to get the ball rolling as soon as humanly possible.[/SIZE]
One location to represent your team because there is no skill seeding, or points seeding in order to properly place you all.

Trayveon “Lordiceman” Maxwell III
Brandon “Aceuno” Clements
Johnathon “Xero15” Wooden
**[SIZE=11px](The Impact Players)

All of this information needs to be posted in either the Facebook community group:**[/SIZE]
http://www.facebook.com/groups/164898150234339/ Or Search us Georgia Fighting Game Community
[Aug 27, 2011] Atlanta Revival- 8/27/11 Atlanta, Ga. (Atlanta, Ga.)
Which is the actual tournament thread

Street Fighter 3rd strike will be the only singles tournament on hand

When does it start?

I might be there at 1 or a little later. when will the sign up start?