[Aug 27, 2012] Fighting Game Happy Hour [NYC] 2-for-1 drinks, UMVC, P4A, etc - sponsored by AGE


Drink specials, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter AE, Persona 4 Arena and more at Fashion Forty Lounge – every other Monday, right next to Midtown Comics Times Square!

2 for 1 beer ($7), wine ($9), well drinks ($11). $3 venue fee, ladies get in FREE! Venue is 21+.

Pad users: We are proud to announce that our sponsors Afterglow Elite are providing some of their super cool glow-in-the-dark pads for both Xbox360 and PS3! If you have & prefer your own pad, please feel to bring it of course.

Joystick users: Please bring your own stick, otherwise you may end up not getting to play until/unless someone lends you theirs.

RSVP & full details:


For more info on the Afterglow Elite product line:


Sounds nice … just to be clear, this isn’t a tournament, but casuals on both 360 and PS3?


That’s correct, it’s a casual session. Come chill, bring a friend, and bring a controller. Also, take a glance over your shoulder every couple of games and offer next to those around you.


Imma try and make it


Events like these is one of the reasons why I hate working overnights.